Merry Valentine's 8)

Hey Baby <3
Hi, hoomans. Hiii, to all mai favourite hoomans. Yeah, you are one of them too, you, the one reading this post. Feel special today,  because you are now one of my, like, maybe 30 favourite hoomans from 7 billion other homo sapiens living on this Earth.

So, Valentine's, right? I'm supposed to write some diabetes stuff for my favouritest hooman a.k.a. le boyfie or something? 

Awkward. And I think Imma laugh and blush a lot while writing this embarrassing post. But then, challenge accepted. Let's go all mushy for this one blog post. 8) Once in a year after all, aye? WELL IMMA TRY. 

Deeaaarrr Darlin',

It's been 103 days since you became moi boyfie and made me a Very, VERY happy Turtle. Correction, ONLY 103 days. Waiting for our 1000th day. Or maybe our 10,000th. *over-attached gf expression* Please don't be scared by the number shussshhh it's going to be alright.

Fangirling over le boyfie like
I know our relationship started more on impulse and adrenaline than anything else, and how we got together because of mere infatuations, but by now, the infatuation has yet to wear off and if anything, I think that infatuation got replaced with this full-blown life-threatening disease called Love liao. (Facepalms myself because I cannot stand what I'm writing)

Aiyaa, you mai boyfriend liao of course I love you ma, need to say de meh? I shy leh. You know can d la hor. (Malaysian accent all out when shy AHAHAH)

Eh but you know ah, you very awesome leh. Fun to be with. And huge bonus points for being so cute. Walao, 赚到了。I keep you forever la hor? 

Previously even before we got together I didn't know what is it that I like about you. The feelings, most probably. One does not simply deny the feelings. Am still wondering how you even fell for someone like me to start with because I am really, uh, weird, to say le least. Doesn't mean that I don't appreciate you liking me CAUSE I SO HAPPY THAT YOU ARE MAI BF NAO But over le 103 days there are some stuff that I realized I really liked about you.

Le poke-and-run!!!
I'm a voice-fanatic. I love your voice. 8) Super love your hugs 'cause ASDFGHJKL. I like when we go out and there isn't anyone else we know and I get to hold joo hands and try memorize how you look like when you are not paying attention. 

Sometimes I'd just poke your sides and laugh when you jump, shocked. In return you'd either tickle me or bite moi hands. Then sometimes when I was just shy and do nothing around you, you don't get discouraged and would take the lead instead. I appreciate that. =)

Walao. You very cute leh. Beh tahan. Go out with you look so mismatched. D: 

Up to date we didn't actually meet much cause you got classes and I don't, and Kulai is so far away from Permas!!! D: Let's hope we get to meet more after you graduate k? I hope this year also get to celebrate your birthday, wherever we will be by then. :3 October is still quite far away! 

Oh laling. I put joo before mai love for yaoi and chocolates. Do you realize how important joo are to me after I say dat? 8) SUPER important desu. 8) Opposites we might be, but opposites attract ma, hor? So this can work la hor??? Worked so far lei. Can lah can lah. =P

I know I never really show mai lurve for joo even tho I might tell you dat I miss you and all that, BUT DUUUDEEE. Joo must know dat I love joo k. 

If after like 6 or 7 years like that we still together I propose to you la hor. 

Oh God Why did I even try writing a love letter this is not even close. *facepalms* 

Laling 你知道我心意就好啦~\(≧▽≦)/~

Nicki Sim

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