Daily Prompt: Describe the nightmare you remember having. What do you think it means?

Nightmares?? I don't usually have nightmares, and I never had one that made me jump more so weird dreams that I wake up and try to comprehend afterwards.

I don't know, people. At the age of 19 I still love carousels.
But let's see. Last night I dreamt of the theme park again, with beautiful carousels, booth games, performances, roller coasters and all. It's MY theme park. A place I have yet to visit in real life and don't even know if it really exists.

But I frequent this place in my dream, and I now think of it as my own theme park.

I think I got lost.

Rarely do I dream of the same person joining me in this theme park in my dreams, which is something I wonder about as well.

But you know what? The theme park dreams lately, I have been with Cavan, someone really important to me.

And last night, when I was with him in that dream, I found myself lost in that familiar place. Or rather, I lost sight of him. It was all fine and then suddenly I turn back and found out that he's missing and I couldn't find him even though the theme park was not that crowded D: Dreams like this make me wake up feeling sad because I see them as bad omens and reflections of my own thoughts that day. 

Sure, nowadays we are not as close as we used to be back in 2013, but I having the tiny details like this crept into my dreams are quite unpleasant. I don't dream of monster or dying. Sad dreams are my nightmares. They make me feel down for quite some time until I find something else that makes my day afterwards. 

Maybe dreams like this are trying to tell me what I am paranoid about, or what I have been hiding away from. Either way, by the end of the day I would have forgotten most parts of the dream if I don't keep reminding myself about it.

On a side note, I'm actually happy that I don't get those Nightmares nightmares. Like, scary ones. I don't remember having any, and hopefully I never will. 8) 

Nicki Sim

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