Phone Appreciation!

Samsung Champ GT-C3303K, obtained in year 2010
I had three phones up to date. The first one being a hand-me-down black-and-white Nokia phone. Nokia 1112, if I wasn't mistaken. That phone lasted for only like 1 year or so because its battery was faulty and the phone itself had many problems to start with.

I had that phone when I was 12. A trophy for obtaining Straight A's in my UPSR examinations. That phone was mostly used for LOTS of texting and playing this Snake Xenzia game and some other space battle thing which I forgot the name for.

Childhood. 8)

My second phone was something obtained from China. Bought from those China salesmen/ salesgirls you see at le street and stuff. I don't quite remember much about that phone anymore, besides the fact that it was dreadfully laggy when I text and its pen calibration had serious problems. 

Then when I was 15 and finished my PMR exams and this Samsung Champ phone just went into le market for about RM380, I bought it. The price of this phone has dropped to about Rm180 by now though. My loss.

The phone is still in fine condition in its 4th year now. 8)

I must say that this phone is a very good companion of mine for contacting hoomans on mai favourite social site, Facebook. Been relying on this phone and Java-powered Opera Mini to log on to Facebook for free on DiGi since like when I was 15. Sadly now even this thing is requiring a web pass and I'm pretty sure that it is sucking up mai money on moi postpaid account.

Which is why I'm planning to get a Sony Experia M soon. I can get it for about RM695 or so, according to le current prices.

I kinda need a Wi-Fi enabled phone to make mai life more convenient. And this phone has it. It ish said that Sony phones are more for entertainment purposes (which is what I might be using it for, mostly - music and Facebook) and it suits mai needs.

I would have gotten myself an iPhone if it isn't so expensive. D: Cavan's been offering to get me a good second-hand iPhone but I really am not sure about second-hand products. Still in consideration. Besides, my phone is not broken yet. 8) Maybe I'll go get this phone like some time next week or so. Maybe I might actually just go get an iPhone for real. I have not made up my mind yet.

Nicki Sim

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