Procrastinator mode ACTIVATED

So I have even procrastinated for two days without blogging. Two days ago, 26th February 2014, I was basically out from 8.30a.m. in the morning to about 12a.m. and I was simply too exhausted to do anything else besides taking a shower and then heading to the sweet comfort of my bed. 

You see, I went out that day to meet my employer and discuss the progress of my work, which he said is done well and I have done more than what he expected. 8) And now I'm unemployed because I need to look for new jobs and that tuition job I said I secured? Well my mum is not satisfied with that place and the lack of students and asked me to withdraw my application. 


Anyhoo, I managed to arrive at le college around 5.30pm, just in time for le end of le last class and to catch moi lecturer that I was supposed to meet. Got my graduation photos as you can see - real dope, and hey, that's more memories I can keep! I look tall in the picture ahahaha xD

The lecturer was stressed about her last class and forgot to wait for me in the lab D:

And I knew that I was indeed a little too observant when I knew some people Cavan was with that day. With all the pictures he has been tagged in, I think most of us would actually recognize those course mates. 

My oh my, he's got quite a number of friends. No worries about him not socializing then. Oh who am I kidding, he's an extrovert. xD 

With all le friends around, well, we talked a little and that's it. I went to le hostel later to find Ryana and happened to meet Wendy who just arrived back with her dinner. 

Talk talk talk talk talk talk. That's about it really before we went to Pappa Rich to get dinner.

Afterwards while Wendy went back upstairs to study for her exams, Ryana stayed at the lobby with her laptop and I just walked around the campus - It was really windy! - and finally settled for walking at the field and basketball courts for quite some time. It was empty. Feels awesome to be singing and dancing and whatnot ... ALONE. It's as if I had the whole place to myself and I liked that feeling. 8)

Would have been better if mai dude had time to come over for a bit though, but I don't blame him. He's got topic tests and presentations to settle. If we're still together after his studies end, hopefully by then we get to actually go out. Looking forward to that. =)

Stayed in campus until 10.45pm. Ryana went back home around 10.30pm as she has not classes until the next Monday. Thanks for accompanying me though Ryana 8) Walked around quite a bit more before I went back home, somehow exhausted. 

At least I got out of my house, I guess. x)

Nicki Sim

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