Remember your Diary?

I used to write diary entries since I was about 10 or so. This habit stayed on until my last relationship when I was 16. The diary entries simply stopped there and then. D:

Most of my diaries were simple books like this,
minus the sparkles.
I'd paste something I drew in it, and talk about what happened.

"Today, mum scolded me for my bad handwriting and had me rewrite everything. I didn't get to watch Doraemon because of that."

"I copied this ballerina from another book. Isn't she beautiful? *drawing cut nicely and pasted on that page*"

"I love the prince from beauty and the beast. He is so handsome."

Stuff like that.

One of the few highlights from my now-recycled diaries was when my sister accidentally swallowed a fish bone and it got stuck in her throat. She was only like, what, 9 years old or so back then? So of course, she freaked out and cried all the way to the hospital and asked me if she was going to die. The fish bone was extracted, it was about 1.5 cm in length, I believe, and I pasted that into my diary as well.

I remember how I used to curse my family members and friends when I was angry at them in the diary, saying stuff like, "I wish you would die." and "If I die earlier I won't leave one single cent to you." *laughs*

There were hardly anything personal in those diaries until I was about 15 years old though.

At 15 I wrote a lot about friendships and what happened in school and if I have cut myself that day. I talked a lot about my girl crush from back then, had her name scrawled in the first page once a day until the page was totally full. After getting a boyfriend, I wrote a lot about that too. 

Moving my diary entries onto Blogger like
I may have stopped writing my diaries now, but I have started writing blog posts to replace that.

Blogging became a way for me to keep track of important events and to look back at the past. Maybe nothing too personal, as blogs online can be viewed by the public, but it works well as an online diary nevertheless.

How many people still writes diary entries out there? Well, there Is this website, that lets you post your diary entries and so on, with a layout that's kinda like Pinterest. For short diary entries, I kinda have Facebook for that already though, and for long ones, This Blogger thing I'm using :) Life is good. For those who have your own diaries of blogs, keep writing!

Nicki Sim

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