Visiting le Busy Guy

92th Day, 3rd month anniversary, 4th day of Chinese New Year celebration, I discovered that Cavan's house is just a stone's throw away from one of my uncles' house in Permas. Just around the corner, literally, to be exact. 1 minute of walking. That's how close. 

Day 4. Casual-ish. Le dude approves,
said I look different. Hopefully in a good way.
I really won't have noticed his place if I didn't see dat trademark car of his. xD

Okay so really I wasn't supposed to be visiting because his brothers and him were actually busy setting up stuff for a family dinner, washing le floor and whatnot. BUT THEN KNOWING THAT HE'S JUST THERE YET NOT VISITING DOES NOT SEEM PROPER EITHER so after mai sister urged me to go I just went. 

I heard his laugh before I saw him. And I was still like three houses away. Mai dude is loud. =="

I haven't quite gotten used to seeing half-naked guys walking around like that. And his family is filled with 5 males and 1 female which is le mother. Doing house chores would also mean the guys all deciding that it's too hot and so yes I got an eyeful, voluntarily or not, or flesh. 

I should get used to this. xD Le girlfriend of his second-or-was-it-third brother's was also there, so at least there wasn't just mai sister and I there. Nothing much was done really. Just TV-ing, talking, me hitting him and various other forms of bullying. I shall leave out le couple stuff. Got to see him and is actually happy enough. =P

I'll never learn, maybe. No photos. Although I did leave him one or two weird selfies in his phone. I didn't hug him either. It was as if it doesn't feel as natural anymore for me and this kinda sucks because I did look forward to hugs and all that. Awkwardness aside, he literally jumped out of his seat when I caught him unaware and poked his sides. 8) That was something. 

He's still so dayum cute I kenot resist. 8) <3

I'll just leave out le small details lar. Nothing much to write about for this, actually. Well, at least if I really am going to work around that area it means I get to see him more often and hopefully by then this weird feeling would go away and I'll get to terrify le crap outta him with mai over-attached gf treatment. 8) 

Nicki Sim

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