What is this Marriage thing you speak of

I swear, the past two or three days I have spent outdoors from maybe 9 or 10am right till 11pm or later than midnight. For instance, today I am only back home at 12.45am and it is most likely that I will only sleep around 2 or 3a.m. because I will tend to do some blogging, 9gagging, drawing, Facebook-ing AND reading before I finally relax enough to go seek comfort in my best companion, the bed.
Day 3. Rare occasion: Turtle wears a dress.
Something feminine.

Tomorrow, I might be visiting Minion at his place for a while when my mum visits her little brother. ... What if le parents meet le parents and it turns out real awkward or something. Let's not think about that. I miss him real bad. 

Visiting the cousins and relatives at the age of 19 means some comments like, "Well, she'll be the next in line to get married.". It really scares me because I am only 19 with a degree to go for in my next phase of life for about 4 years or so and I need to work before I even consider this marriage thing. They didn't even ask like, "Aiyoo, girl you grow up liao, got boyfriend d ah? Never bring him show us?" Instead they jump straight to le marriage issue. Horrifying.

It's scary. Do girls at 19 even think about marriages.

Well when given comments like that, depending on my mood or feelings at that time, I have several thoughts in mind. I'll just list ten here for now. 

Thought 1: Well. I don't quite know how to get married. Or how to cook. Or how to wife. 

Thought 2: Marriage? Seriously? And devote my whole life to one man (or woman???)? How do I know if he/ she's The One? How do you guys all know? How.

Thought 3: But marriages lead to little humans. And that is terrifying. What if he wants 4 sons and 5 daughters. NOPE.

Thought 4: Sore vaginas. Shagging. Much sex. And can I propose instead? 

Thought 5: Heck why not I'd get to torture one guy for the rest of my life. I should start planning on 365 ways to terrify a husband. 


Thought 7: Why do you guys all believe that some stupid guy is going to be THAT stupid to want to marry me though. Have you ever considered the fact that I might wanna marry my laptop and the Wi-fi? That's right. Stop stereotyping marriages!!

Thought 8: Awww, imagine waking up and finding yourself in your spouse's arms and see le day's plan on a memo pad written by le husband like (At this point Turtle discovers that she knows how to rhyme):
Spend the day making cookie banter,
bake and cook and with some luck,
I'll lead you to le kitchen counter,
and right there and then we shall - 

Thought 9: The hell. I'm only 19. I want to be independent before I get married. I do not want to have to rely on my husband for money and whatnot. Studies first for now.

Thought 10: On our wedding day I am NOT putting on lenses. Maybe I get to dress as le groom and him le bride, very special and memorable wedding. Fill le wedding album with pictures of potatoes hidden in le corners. Can we have a horror-themed wedding? What if I fall down while walking down le aisle to moi husband. Is it possible to not wear a dress tho, why do all girls wear wedding dresses and not wedding jeans or something. Make-up tho. Imma be fabulous. Popping champagne bottles like how babies are popped outta vaginas. Weddings are expensive though. OMG le wedding is le contract to stay in a relationship forever.

Do you teens think about marriages though? And to those celebrating Chinese New Year, how many relatives of yours have asked about you being in a relationship or mentioned weddings like how mine did? This sort of stuff is really bound to be discussed among relatives is it not xD

Nicki Sim

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