Bedtime Stories

Daily Prompt: What was your favourite bedtime story as a child? Did it influence the type of person you are now?

I myself was one of those girlish girls back when I was a child, playing with barbie dolls and pollies and whatnot.

My favourite bedtime stories were all fairytales! 

Not that I had a bedtime storytelling thing in my family. Once in a while my mum would ask me to bring her a book so that she could read it to me while I was still learning my alphabets.

There's this book (picture at left) that I loved quite some as a child, partly because of its beautiful pictures and dresses and partly because of the happy ending. 

Cinderella was probably one of the fairy tales that I watched and read the most as a child. Back then my parents bought me a VCD for this cartoon and I watched it endlessly, as I did with Peter Pan and Pinocchio afterwards. Then Sleeping Beauty, Lion King, The Little Mermaid and Snow White.

Basically, yes, I was a big fan of fairy tales.

When my sister was old enough, she joined me in rewatching and rereading the fairy tales.

How can I not like seeing such an ending as a widdle gurl OmO
A few years later, my bedtime stories became le Enid Blyton series, and now, thriller, horror, mystery and occasionally romance novels accompany me before I go to sleep.

But no. Having those fairytales did not make me a romantic-minded person. Nor did it make me want to be a pretty girl getting whisked off my feet to be married off to a prince in some faraway land.

It made me happy to read these fairy tales, and that's about it. Just like how playing video games doesn't make us violent (lag does), no bedtime stories affected my mindset.

Although for a short time I kept looking for fairies of goblins hiding in my garden and talked to my dolls in hopes that they would talk to me and accompany because of le Enid Blyton series, well I still grew up to be quite a normal person, x)

Nicki Sim

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