Comfort Zone

Daily Prompt: "What are you more comfortable with - routine and planning, or laissez-faire spontaneity?"

This really depends on what issues we are talking about. It's good to be planning on stuff related to our futures - studies, jobs, money management - but if it's just some daily stuff like going out with friends, shopping, meals, et cetera, bring me le spontaneity.

Most of the time I find myself making a plan and then forgets to stick to it anyway. Maybe I;d go out with a bunch of friends and then plan to go for a movie, then a lunch, and then go window-shopping and I end up just window-shopping and having dinner with them afterwards.

I don't really like having plans when going out D: Just drive somewhere and if there's a mall Imma go hang out there. 

Well that's the plan.(؟)

The thing is, I don't really like making decisions when I go places. Don't ask me where to go or where we wanna eat or something like that. I can do with most places.

But when it's time for planning, I probably still would have left a lot of 'plotholes' in the plans. I might have planned places to go without knowing where the place is or how long it would take to go there, some extravagant ideas about my future but not the how-to's or motivations, so on and so forth.

I don't plan well. 

So you know, I probably should stick to this spontaneous thing. Maybe just dump this artistic dream as a part-time thing and go be a neuropsychologist. 

But hold on I'm not sure about this one. =P

Nicki Sim

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