Daily Prompt: What activity, task or game most brings out your competitive streak?

... Guys. I follow the Asian stereotype when it comes to competitiveness. I'm kinda 'kiasu' - scared to lose in most activities especially when it's related to my studies since I'm still considered a student here.

Early in the beginning of semesters I would start to study in advance and make sure I study everything that is taught and maybe more before the assignments start to pile up like how they always do a few weeks into that new semester.

From the very beginning, I would already have targeted a high score or at least being one of the top students.

I partly blame this on my parents, especially my mum, who used to chide me, "If you don't study and get good results you will become one of those janitors you see around here. Earn no money. You want ah?" ever since I was a small kid.

Plus, I know myself well enough to know that the competitive spirit would fade away quite some in a while, giving space to procrastination, the internet - my piece of heaven, and lots of distractions.

Yet there is a weird side to my competitiveness.

I would want those friends I'm close with to succeed with me as well. Never mind those that I'm not close with lar, but the ones that I spend my time with during my studies, I feel the urge or even NEED to help them however I can to see them at the top if I do reach there. 

Hence usually by the time the first mid-term exam appears you would see me with my friends doing group studies or discussions. Information shared is information gained. 

What little I can give them (Only when I'm 100% certain that I have completely understood the lesson), I myself receive some new info as well. Give and take. 

It's a bit like being competitive for your best friends and yourself, wanting to stay together and not leave anyone behind by the end of the journey. Being successful - no matter how much or in what ways - is no fun if you're doing it alone. You want to see your loved ones being successful as well, and that's why when we are able to, we would help. Isn't that how it works?

Ah, but I left someone behind in my most recent journey. He didn't make it and had to retake a semester. I still hope for the best for him. Maybe in my next journey I will be able to bring a new bunch of friends with me. Or maybe it'll be a little different, with me joining someone else's journey instead of leading my own.

Eitherway, I believe that this competitive spirit in me is more healthy than not, and healthy competition is always welcome in the society, is it not?


Meanwhile, a small celebration to the 4K reads for my blog. Thank you, readers, who supported and still viewed my blog even when I have been inactive for a few days. I have done most of the translation tasks given to me and passed my undang test and is due to drive for the first time ever on the 31st. =) Wish me luck for this!

Nicki Sim

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