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Dress 1, no specific theme I remember
Yes, I have been busy. I wouldn't have neglected my blog otherwise. But the tasks are coming to an end soon, and I hope that there would be less assignments.

But it's night time and I decided to not give a damn about those assignments just for these 30 minutes, should be enough time to finish a short blog post which I decided to dedicate to yet another Facebook game of mine today.

There's this girlish side of me that finds it fun to 'design' dresses and blouses.

Then there's this game 'Fashion Designer' which I know is available on Facebook so far. It might be available on some other websites but hey I ain't that hardworking to find out.

Basically in this game they ask you to fulfill some specifications when designing your garment. It might be something like "Include asymmetrical details" or "Use the classic colour palette only" or even something like, "Make it a dress with short sleeves".
pink and white yess xD

You start off with basic details - diamonds, simple lines, etc and a 3D detail. Some others, maybe. I've forgotten.

With each garment you complete as a mission you get some money (In-game, of course), some experience points which helps you unlock new dress kits, colour palettes and new details to be used for your designs and this scissors thing which I still have no idea what it's used for. Accumulated up to 380+ so far.

Details: Stuff that goes on le garment. Patterns.Can be 2D (just prints) or 3D (add all le fluff and ruffles etc).

Dress kits: Dress forms. From le most basic dress design you can then buy more complex dress forms like evening gowns, tomboy garments etc etc. They all look different and from each kit you may be able to choose from a selection of sleeves, tops and bottoms.

They wanted a pocket detail. Pockets work
better on blouses, so I chose le blouse kit.
Colour palettes: Do I need to elaborate? You just get to have more choices of colours for your garment and details!

Something that sucks though, you can't keep the designs for a long term unless you save it as a 'look' which you start out with having 2 slots for. The other slots you have to buy with real money and whatnot.

Which is why I resorted to snapping pictures of my designs before submitting them EHEHEHE

I lost all my old designs already. All those that you see here are the ones that are more recent.

I don't know what's wrong with Blogger cause all le photos I uploaded, the white colour looks very grey-ish. Hmm.

 Either way, this game is actually more acceptable compared to some other Facebook games.

Go try it out some time x)
I think this was using the Doll dress kit.
'Classic colour palette" mission.

Nicki Sim

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