All le horoscopes stuff I used to be addicted to, I swear. Although I still haven't memorized all the dates with their corresponding signs, I was interested in zodiac and horoscope signs to the point where I'd use the daily horoscope stats as my guide to live through the day whenever it's relevant.

Most of the pages and websites I went through shows just about the same thing for my sign though. It's Scorpio, by the way.

How scorpio girls are portrayed? xDD
Hates betrayal, loyal, obsessive, observant, independent, mood-swing queen, emotional, passionate.

Won't trust people easily but once he/she trusts someone, he/she will go all out for that trusted person. Most misunderstood sign compared to other horoscopes.

Stuff like that.

At some point when I was in my past relationship I would look up information like, Libra guy and Scorpio girl compatibility and read up on all the facts about Libra guys as well so to understand my guy better.

Libra guys. Said to have le high-class attitude - classical music, high fashion sense etc etc, very sociable, romantic, charming, unreliable, super lazy, likes peace and harmony.

Didn't quite apply to my ex, most of these traits. More accurate for le minion at times. Not all traits mentioned above, but MOST traits and I won't say which. *coughs*

But really. Can these information be trusted? Is there really any relationship between birth dates and certain characteristics or behaviours? Hmmm. I wonder.

I guess stuff like this, it's best we leave it as something to browse through during out free time and not believe it too much. Take it in in adequate amounts.

It's alright to take precautions when the horoscope stuff is out on the newspaper or some other media telling you to be careful but just don't be too obedient to all these signs! xD

Have you checked out what your horoscope sign says about you? Is it accurate?? 

Nicki Sim

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