Introducing: Horror RPG Games

Have you guys tried playing RPG games? As in, the ones that are recently made with this RPG Maker VX Ace program?

Let me introduce you to this site first. This is where I obtain the best (in my opinion) of horror RPG games.

This site offers translated games from other languages, self-made games, comics and some other games of varying genres. The focus lies more on the horror games itself however.

RPG games, while it looks sorta pixelated and not as interesting as those awesome graphics other games have, have equally - if not better - good storylines and scares. 

A screenshot from 'Misao'.
If you are into horror games, you might want to try the games at vgperson out. 

I started out with Misao, a game in which you had to find the body parts of a mutilated girl - Misao - while unveiling what really happened to her. This is probably already the least scary game among other horror RPG games, quite entertaining even for someone that doesn't get scared easily. 

This one's more to the storyline and some minor puzzles. Not really scary or panicky. But worth playing nonetheless. Best choice of horror game to start with if you are new to them.

Next, Ib. While the graphic is really different from the normal horror RPG games, I must say that having mannequins chasing you and doll eyes looking at you wherever you move is not really what you call fun.

The chasing scenes and puzzles in this game are pretty abundant, and I admit I had to use the walkthrough for the puzzles because my tired brain couldn't be bothered to solve them because I was just thirsty for the horror parts. *laughs* 

This game sorta test your reflexes. YOU CAN'T THINK MUCH WHEN YOU'RE BEING CHASED AROUND.

Hello? Hell...o?
"Hello? Hell...o?" This is a really short game with many endings. The aim of this game is to get all the endings (or at least until you got enough endings anyway) to complete the story and save the hero/ heroine of this game.

It might confuse you a little, this game, because of its short endings and the fact that there are two sides to this game. The male side and the female side. 

You need a little thinking to understand the story for this one maybe, and I'm kinda disappointed that Pewdiepie didn't get the last ending where the hero and heroine were united.

The Witch's House
One of my favourites. 'The Witch's House'. Got to be the most depressive story I have ever played. If you play this game, you will be guaranteed a huge number of jumpscares and chasing scenes you don't even think you can win. 

The save points are blessings. By the end of this game I was actually so terrified and panicky that my hands were trembling while trying to run away from yet another chasing scene. 


The Crooked Man
Then, there's 'The Crooked Man'. This game though. A really long game. Took me quite a while to finish it. But it's a really good game. Not many jumpscares. Rather, there are fights in this one. 

Sure, the game has its own story, and it's REALLY enjoyable. You have to collect notes to complete a diary entry. And when at the end of the game I discovered that I missed ONE single part of it causing me to be unable to get the ending, I just stopped playing and watched the walkthrough on YouTube to get the ending instead. 

Good game as well.

There's still games like 'Mad Father' and 'Mermaid Swamp', all available at vgperson's site and worth playing. They have their own shares of puzzles and scares and epic storylines, and it's just up to you to play it. =)

If you can't figure out what to do, heck, that page even provides full walkthrough, so no worries. 

The Sandman
Then now, there's this new game titled 'The Sandman', from the makers of 'The Crooked Man' and is in fact the next in series after that last game. 

I'm going to try finish this game within 3 or 4 days.

The best part of these horror RPG games is that their size isn't that big. Maybe around 90+MB. They can be played offline. 

It's just that for most of the games shown here requires you to download RTP VX Ace to run the game, which is about 180MB. Just uninstall it when you're done with your RPG games.

I'm keeping it though, with all the new horror RPG games up on the net every few weeks or months. 

Do you play Horror RPG games?? Know of any good ones to recommend? COMMENT AND LET ME KNOW! 8) 

Nicki Sim

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