Irrational Fears

Remember when you were a kid and you feared something illogical? Sharks in a swimming pool, maybe? Might you have one of those irrational fears still with you at your current age?

Le Turtle here remembers her irrational fears from childhood still.

One of le most vivid ones is probably the glowing green face at the curtain. The curtain itself is a dark pink colour, and back then I was probably only 5 or 6 years old still because I was still sleeping in my parents' room. One night I just made this weird green creature up and I'd hide under my blanket and turn my back to that huge window just so that I won't see that thing.

Yet turning my back to it would mean that this stupid green thing can attack me without me knowing it. At this point I remember scrambling to my parent's bed instead without telling them about that green face I feared about.

Up to this day I still wonder why I made up that green face in the curtain though.

Then there's this one familiar one. Switching off the lights and RUNNING FOR YOUR LIFE TO YOUR BED OR UPSTAIRS OR WHEREVER YOUR DESTINATION IS.

As if once you got away from the dark areas the imaginary monsters will not be able to get you anymore.

But still. Turns out that I have always ran fast enough so that the monster never once caught me. =P Sometimes I still do this for the heck of it.

One of le more recent irrational fears I have is that everything I know is a lie. What if what we see and know our whole lives are just large fragments of our imaginations and we are really all along after all? What if we are actually so delusional we imagined our whole life?

Woah, what if we are actually just alone in a barren land, our brain showing us images and sounds and scents and everything else to protect us from the mental blow we might receive upon seeing the truth?
Then I used to imagine that somewhere out there my future husband knows everything I'm doing. He would know every embarrassing thing I once did, and what I'm guilty for and

He would even know all about the unforgivable porn I watch.

How bad will I be judged when he knows everything about me like that, I wonder?

But then, this is just another irrational fear. 

Irrational fears can be funny sometimes once you get over it. Snakes in the toilet, spiders dropping onto you when you are asleep, being naked when a tornado strikes, etc etc.

Tell me about yours, won't you? =P Blog about it, maybe?

Nicki Sim

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