Is Boredom a Fatal Disease?

2 days without posting. Such procrastinate.

I have been a little busy lately, if having some sort of wanderlust. Wanting to go out and all about. Bring some cash with me and just board a bus somewhere.

Travelling alone like this sounds nice, but not as safe. Maybe drag a few friends or even le busy minion along, and hey, just have fun for several days.

I never really liked going to far places, yet sometimes the idea of travelling excites me. Maybe it's just the idea of going to places with friends.

Or maybe, I just want to have a real valid excuse to have a life instead of sitting in front of my laptop all day avoiding my responsibilities, running away from reality and jumping to conclusions - my only three exercises.

Welcome to my life. 8)

Either way, I really do have stuff to do lately and might not be able to post good stuff for the next few days. Preparing for exams, helping my dad with his assignments and whatnot. Plus, getting up at 1p.m. makes the day seem kinda short. No alarms. I refuse to set my alarm and not wake up naturally but heck, I have been sleeping so much lately that I don't feel tired until maybe 3 a.m. 

It's funny how my parents force me to go to bed around 11p.m. or 12a.m. and I have to stay in bed wasting my time knowing that I won't fall asleep until maybe an hour or two later when I could have been awake at my desk studying or reading a novel or maybe even gaming if I feel like it. 

It REALLY is a waste of time to be lying in bed and doing nothing. I must find a way to convince my parents that I need to do stuff while I have yet to fall asleep. Might as well get some drawings done at the peak hours of my imagination.

Bored, yes. With all my favourite humans away at work or studying and me getting more fatty flaps in front of the laptop each and every day, there really isn't many people that I can ask out. Then there's the distance. Although we live in the same state the distance makes it hard for us to hang out often.

My university degree? Class is not starting until September, and I don't even know if I am going to be accepted into that university or not before July. Which is like, 4 months away.

Oh god I need to get away from my laptop and get things done. Get a job. Get my driving license. ... Yeah. I definitely need to go do what I have to.

Blog daily. How much longer can I procrastinate all this? Heck I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore. Anyway, adios. Imma go get some sheet done. 

Nicki Sim

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