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I've decided to write about my mum today - because: Why Not.

Ahaha her reactions when I suddenly ran to her with my
laptop asking her to take a photo with me right then xD
"Huh? Take photo? With me? Why so sudden?? Eh wait
my shirt crumpled. My hair messy. Wait wait wait."
*snaps* Ta-daa.
First of all. Childhoods.

She was kinda stern when dealing with childhoods. I remember her buying lots of revision books and exercise books from bookstores and photocopying them. This started from my kindergarten years.

I think my parents were still a little busy with their work while I was in le kindergarten.

They would leave me under the care of 'Teacher Jo' - le head of le kindergarten for maybe two or three hours after classes and make sure that I complete my homework within those hours before I get home.

Most days she will hand me a photocopied chapter or unit from the exercise books to complete and upon completing them, and marking the answers myself, I have my free time.

She checks my homework when I get back home from school. Bad handwriting would not be tolerated. She would erase them and make me rewrite them in front of her. Sometimes, when I finish the extra homework she gives me, I would be rewarded with little gifts. Maybe a pack of gum, a new doll, a Disney VCD, or just an hour for me to learn to type on the computer.

But those were le studies. She built this discipline in me when it comes to studying.

As I grew up and the number of siblings increase from just me alone to adding a younger sister and a younger brother, she focused more on them so that they will have their basics covered just as good.

Yet my little brother here is harder to handle than my sister and I. He's less willing to do the worksheets and all. D:

By then more I more or less don't need as much attention from her anymore, I was able to study on my own.

She helped organize my 12th birthday party, inviting my whole class and also some friends of my sister's, my neighbours and some friends from other places. That was really epic. xD Thanks mum. x)

Over le years, everytime I get the first place or 100 marks in exams, she would bring me to the bookstore and I get a book as a gift. In primary school, it was the Enid Blyton series, and sometimes Mr. Midnight series. Entering secondary school, I bought True Singapore Ghost Stories. Afterwards it was usually meals as rewards for the good results in examinations.

But by then, I have long since left the first place in class or batch. My results weren't as good, I'd still be in the top 10 or 15, but the competition was stronger. Less rewards. >m< But I really tried~!!

She was proud of me for my achievements without ever having to attend tuition classes and would tell that to her relatives when they ask about my study methods.

At least I made you proud at some point of my life, didn't I, mum? x)

Dad, Mum and Lil' Bruh at Singapore
Later stages of my secondary school life? Ah at this point. My rebellious times XDD

I got into a relationship and I hid all information about it from my mum. She suspected at some point, because whenever I go back to my hometown she would see me hanging out with a guy but she never mentioned it until I was in college, telling me, "You think that time you got boyfriend I didn't know? A mother knows, okay? Why hide from me lah? Hurt me leii."

Hmmm. Mothers.

When I moved in to le hostel at Sunway College, dad told me that mum was crying while packing my stuff for me. I'm le eldest daughter, she probably felt sad because heck, one of her daughters are growing up and leaving home soon. x( 

But hey, I go back once a week and after some time it's all normal already. She calls me at least once or twice a day while I'm at college, asking if I've eaten, if I have been taking care of myself. 

Then this time when I got myself another boyfriend I got all out and just told her so that she knows without having to find out herself. She's pretty supportive, although I don't actually tell her much about us.

However, she DID ask to see his photos. When I go to college nowadays and come back home later she would ask me if I've seen him, if I have taken any photos of him. "Why so early got bf lah? Don't go out just two of you k, not very safe." I'll then tell her, "LOL. I already got bf lor. Just happens. xD But nope. We rarely go out two people so don't worry."

"Now just see if you two can last or not la k? Don't put too much emotions, later you get hurt."

From left: Mum's 3rd sis, eldest sis and le mum herself
As much as she disapproves of me having a boyfriend from time to time, she has now just about accepted the fact and she started to approve of him already. x) Point is. I don't have to hide any activities about my relationship from her now, and that makes it feel a lot better because I don't have to lie to her.

My mum cares about me a lot, and she really deserves to be treated better by us little rascals running around the house here.

She's been a little overprotective, often choosing to ask me to study instead of helping her out in cooking or house chores. I didn't actually start sweeping, mopping or cooking until I was in my secondary school years.

D'aww she so cute xDDD
She loves watching Korean dramas. She cooks well, and I'm still learning from her for this.

We share clothes, although her taste is usually different from mine - generation gap or something. 

She would pause her Korean drama halfway, walk to the kitchen, then ask me, "I'm making coffee. You want some?"

She's le type of mum that would take a sip of le overpriced Starbucks coffee I buy once in a blue moon and say, "Buy me some coffee powder, vanilla ice cream and maybe some chocolate chips. I can make the same thing for you for FREE."

This mum of mine will blend green apples, read apples, oranges and carrots all at one go and give us cups of super fresh and super juicy fruit juice, telling us, "A cup of this fruit juice might sell for Rm10.00 over with so much fruit in it." (True in Malaysia xD)

When she goes on a shopping trip, there's no stopping her from entering outlets selling shoes and clothes on discount and my siblings and I would either find a seat to wait for her or walk around the mall without le mum, entertaining ourselves with shops selling things of our interest.

Does she even look 40 XDD
She's where I got my paranoid feels and sharp tongue from, but she's still one hella fine mum and although I have long since told her that I love her like how I used to back in primary school, I really do x)

While I was typing this earlier, she walked by and saw her pictures and was like, "What are you posting. Why is my picture inside? Bad-mouthing me in public ah?"

Then she proceeded to try read and understand what I wrote (Her English is not that good) while I helped her cook in the kitchen. xD

Naw mum. I won't say bad stuff about you =P Love ya. x) <3

Nicki Sim

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