My 3 Ideals

Acceptance is a different matter. I believe that all of us imagine some places, traits, or items that we hope to get in the future in various situations.

Ideals in jobs, houses, significant other, even our whole life pathway after a certain stage.

It's hard to tell if what that's ideal for me now will still be an ideal five or ten years from today. Standards change, after all. But since we all have our ideals how we are now, here goes.

Ideal Self

Prim and proper girl, not as weird as how I am now - as claimed by mai boyfriend - in short, more girlish really. Be le bookish person I am, dedicated and responsible to what I do.

A little crazy is good. Always is good. Have been wishing for someone who wouldn't ask me to change, but if I am to change, maybe I won't be as weird as I supposedly am now.

I wanna be more sociable, braver, more artistic, more understanding and caring. Less hurtful words out of my mouth. More patience. Maybe better fashion sense. I want to have a definite target or life aim. That would be good. 

Ideal Job

I don't know, guys. But my current life aim which is my job is to open my own horror-themed toy shop. Dolls, puppets, little trinkets, plush toys, collectible items. I want to open this shop where my own products are going to be sold. I want to design my own items and sell them. 

Maybe open a library cafe thing as well, though this one's going to be costly. I like books, and if I can let other book lovers enjoy reading at my place with coffee, tea and maybe some pastries, why not?

Some place quiet but also where I can enjoy and make money, that's where my ideal job will be. I love horror and gore, and more often than not I end up drawing scary stuff. Why not then? x)

*cough* Ideal Significant Other *cough*


Okay so that's not really the most important trait. But it's really important to me, mmkay? 

Non-smoking, non-alcoholic, no gambling. Primary requirements. I want him to be healthy and not half-dead by the time I get to marry him (LOL FAR FAR TARGET MUCH)

Preference: Someone I can talk nerd with. Prioritize moi over friends. Doesn't mind constancy or my weirdness. Book collections we can share 8) Can the relationship not have an expiry date? As in, just stop because we are going to different universities or workplace. ... Okay so that's for mai current relationship, yes. No more far-distance shit. I swear off Libra guys if I going for new relationships in the future (hope not cause I want relationships to last). Someone that loves words and letters, someone with strength, preferably knows music, even better if can cook (cause I still cannot *cough*) and well. Just someone nice, I guess. 

Girls are complicated, eh? xDD

Well, these ideals are not that important anyway. I will try to achieve them, though the last one is really more to luck than anything else. I believe that we should work towards being the right person rather than to LOOK for our right person. Ideals probably don't exist. Imaginations. Something to keep us going so we will achieve more than what we already have. 

But is there any point in having ideals?

Now that, I'm not so sure.

Nicki Sim

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