Hi This Is Turtle.

So I just rummaged through the photos in my laptop. Looking through the camera roll, I see quite aplenty of photos with friends when they came to visit me at my place, and then there were selfies for posting on Facebook, and then there's le photos that can just ruin my image.

*points upwards*

Those pictures. And more. But those should send le message well enough. 

Okeii. So it's kinda hard for me to take nice pictures or finish singing one whole song singing nicely.

But hey, that's just who I am. xD I enjoy being like this even though I get the 'tsk-tsk's of disapproval from my parents saying, "You're 19. Start acting like your age."

I would never fail to reply with, "I AM YOUUNNNGGG INSIDE."
The Better Photos. xDD
I sometimes really wonder if there would be anyone special that would accept me for who I am because for sure I am not the type of girl that uh... is a girl. I'm not quite girlish and all that. The two special people that entered my life started out saying that they like me, the weird me. 

And end up asking me to change. Be more girlish, be more romantic, be something not me. Well I guess one can't be themselves completely in a relationship xDD

It's probably just the 'grass greener on other side' issue. Or maybe just le 'getting real tired of your shit, bruh' issue. 

Either way. I'm still hoping that I will find someone that really accepts me for who I am.

Le fugly, potato-ish, not girlish, shy, publicity-loving, stalker-ish, obsessive girl with a teenage mind. 

Nah. Being 19, immature and in a relationship probably really isn't the best idea. But well. Since I'm already in one I should commit until it ends or even better just don't end at all. 

How 'Normal' are you? Do people around you accept you for who you are? My friends accept me for who I am. =) But hey, to you readers. You friends of mine. If you don't like my behaviour just go all out and tell me.

Who knows, I might change for you guys. =P

Nicki Sim

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