Daily Prompt: Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no,why have you opted not to?

The 'animals' in my life are all humans, considering humanity as a disease to earth and me myself as one of its vermin. But if you are talking about ANIMAL animal, I have tiny guppy-like fishes in a quite-big glass bowl outside my house. 

There's about 40 of them the last time I counted. They breed quite some, considering the fact that I only had like a maximum of 10 of them in the beginning. 

It's nice to go out of le house once in a while and just look at the fishes swim about in a big circle.

Sorta soothes le mind, actually.

Plus side is that you feel like some sort of higher power knowing that while le fishes go about their fishy business swimming around in that glass bowl the whole day you can just choose to be le presence that drops them food 'from the sky'.

I saw a post about that from The Best of Tumble page, I think, and I took an affinity to this way of thinking.

To be honest I still am wondering if I have been taking good care of these fishes though, considering that they don't even have a proper aquarium to live in. No bubble-gas thing no lightning - ALL NATURAL - and no temperature regulator.

Just a glass bowl, water, some seashells and some fish food and the fishes themselves. Yet they survived so far. 

Dear fishes I'm proud of you guys. You have been strong. Stay strong.

I don't actually talk to my fishes. I don't know WHICH fish in particular to talk to or was I supposed to talk to them as a unit? Or should I not talk to them at all because my neighbours can hear me easily?? 

Oh God who would be taking care of you guys after I go elsewhere for my studies??

Being le sole owner of these fishes means that I am the only one that knows how to change the water in le glass bowl without hurting le tiny fishes, when to change le water, how often to feed them and such and such.

At most, my siblings might feed the fishes some when they get home from school, but that's about it. x) I like most animals. 

I might not know how to take care of them yet, but I would inquire more info about the how-to's once I am allowed to have more animals of my own. And when I'm allowed to get them, oh. I would get a dog first. Adopt one from the SPCA. Those poor little guys. D: Would like to take care of them for the remaining life they have before they leave us humans. 

Cats are okay, as long as they don't scratch us. =P I play around with kittens I see in college sometimes, and usually the kittens end up tickling me quite some as then 'walk' across mai legs. It's either that or they hurt me a little by biting me. Meow. 

I still love them nonetheless. 8)

They are better companions than humans sometimes. You take care of them well and it's all just simple and pure love from them. 

What better feeling than to arrive back home and see your pet happy to see you? That doesn't happen much among humans. x)

Nicki Sim

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