Taken for Granted

Being close to someone can be scary sometimes, because you would grow to rely on them on various issues. It is said that for some couples out there, the only thing not breaking them up is not love; Rather, it's knowing that you have relied on them too much to let them go and be independent suddenly.

Having had that one person with you for quite some time, you begin to think that some actions they took are just stuff they are SUPPOSED to do instead of seeing it as "Oh, that's nice of you." or "Gee, thanks. You really do care for me."

As time passes, we forget to appreciate and start to take things for granted. This is not just for all those boyfriend-girlfriend stuff - although that counts too - but also for families, friends and even your pets.

We tend to forget how good a person is to us when we are at the receiving end for too long.

We forget to repay the kindness that has been shown to us.

We see the kind actions as routine rather than a privilege.

In short, we fail to appreciate.

It's only when the giving side has stopped giving and providing that we realize once more how good we have been treated. Maybe we would even tell the giving side, "You've changed." without realizing that we too have changed by not giving them the credit they used to receive.

At this point, we might realize that we have taken the other party for granted, and it might already be too late to change anything about it.

Point is, people. 

Don't take people for granted. Realize how good people are treating you before they leave you and you find yourself without the privileges you have earned previously. Don't cherish something only when it's gone. Cherish what you have while you still have it, before it disappears from your life altogether.

Who knows how long will you be at the receiving end before the other party decides not to be taken for granted anymore? 

Nicki Sim

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