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So,  back to the stay-at-home routine and procrastinating my ass off more and more.

I have this undang test on the 16th, and I have said that I will work on it since 3 days ago but have yet to do anything or study for it. WELL IMMA STUDY AT LEAST 5 PAGES TODAY. ... Tonight.

Meanwhile, dad managed to get me a translating job. A short term one, but a job and has money rolling in for me nonetheless. All I have to do is to translate the Chinese information to English ones - names, addresses, schools, companies and job titles - stuff like that and then transfer the information to an Excel or Words document.

I have never judged handwriting much until this day when I have to face tons of not-so-neat Chinese handwriting. It's already tough enough a language without all the messy writings. 

Then, procrastination.

4 windows. 

Manga Studio 5.0, Facebook, Virtual Families 2 and Love Plus.

Everytime I Google for an artsy picture to add to my blog, I die a little inside
And would you just look at what other people can do with this Manga Studio program while I try to draw a circle without messing it up.

I like this software. It's simple and easy to use and all you need is just... skills to draw. Which I'm desperately trying to improve. There's quite a lot of preset tones, gradiations, patterns, backgrounds etc etc that are ready to be used. 

With le tablet of mine always placed next to the laptop, it's easy to get distracted and just start drawing in the middle of an assignment xD

Then there's le stupid games I play.

I don't know what it is with Simulation and real-time based games but those are basically the only type of games I play ... other than horror RPG and random flash games sometimes.

This Virtual Families 2 game... you basically well, take care of fake humans in your laptop and raise them until they go for their studies and wait until they are old enough to take over this huge mansion of a house. But this game is really slow-paced compared to other similar games I've played before.

Might as well though, I usually just leave the window open for the whole day and check once in a while. I manage to get some work done =P

Love Plus. A dating-sim game that reminds us of how technology has advanced. I mean, now with an emulator or NDS you have a virtual girlfriend in real-time mode that will love you and talk to you and whatnot. Would you just imagine that?!! 

Yeah, this is the game in which a guy or two have gotten married to. Literally. They fell so deep into the forever-alone chasm and virtual world that they decided to get married to their virtual girlfriend.

I downloaded it on an emulator last night and played it. Not bad, really. In fact, it's quite fun and a little challenging. I couldn't choose between the three girls and ended up not getting anyone by the end of the 100 days in this game. xD Going to retry the game from beginning after my translating job is done with!

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