Things I Wanted to Learn

Topping the list:


I have never been good at using water colour or even poster colours. I can colour just about fine using colour pencils or crayons, but if I have to mix the colours with water, then boom you can see me destroying a piece of artwork at a terrifying speed of 20 pieces per hour.

I have always marveled at paintings I see wherever I go. I'm no art critic, some paintings I really can't make sense of; but then there are paintings as shown on the left here and I just appreciate it to no end because, simply, Wow.

I don't have le nice paintbrushes at home. Those we have are kinda worn out, used for art projects in secondary school. I don't even have water colour, apparently. But given a chance to, yes, I will learn.


This is weird because I have actually always seen dancing as a weird combination of actions involving the movement of limbs and to this day I still don't see much points in dancing at all. 

But then hiphop and breakdance have always intrigued me, as does popping. Make those moves to dubstep music and poof. You got all my attention.

Yet I'm really sucker when it comes to dancing. All that I really do to call 'dancing' is just flapping my arms about, jump around and maybe do that hips thing. That's all. I have zero skills when it comes to dancing. xD But it looks sorta fun so why not??

Um. Singing??

Now if my voice is not all weird sounding as if I have braces on - I don't - I would have sung my lungs out everyday. I like singing. But after staying home for quite some time I find it hard to try sing like a normal human or at least attempt to mimic the singer.

Instead, usually halfway through the song I would catch myself singing in an awkward or deep tone intended to be funny. 

I can never be serious when I sing *facepalm* I don't even think that learning to sing is necessary. It's something you just learn over time, is it not?? But I'm putting this in my list nonetheless because why not.


I can't believe I almost forgot to put this into the list. I love piano. I like the sounds this instrument makes and to be playing a song that you love?

That got to be like one of the best feelings ever.

Most people start early when it comes to piano education though, but if I ever have the time and money in the future, I will learn it all over from Grade 1. By then hopefully I will have enough skills to play my favourite songs. x)

Is there anything you guys want to learn from scratch but is still unable to? Why not make a list and learn when you are FINALLY able to? 8)

Nicki Sim

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