Are You In or Out?

There are times when you are so sober and solemn that you go all deep and sentimental with your friends when you start talking.

And this thing you call Friends, is what I'm talking about today.

How long do your friendships last? A year or two? As long as up to ten years? A few minutes at the queue while buying something?

Is it possible for us to have that one or two friends to grow old with us and stay with us once we are friends?

I don't know, people. To me, friendships come and go. You stay at one place, you get those friends you are lucky enough to get. Then you move on to another place, and if you're lucky enough those friends come with you and you don't have to start anew. If not, you just leave those friendships behind and salvage whatever you can and hang on to until those friendships too, fade away.

Occasionally, my friends from different schools/ colleges would meet up, like this picture here for example. One's a best friend from the second secondary school I went to after shifting from Melaka to Johor and another one here is a sister that I obtained in college.

Some friends stay. The rest goes away. 

You got to make an effort to let the best of friends stay with you. Make more memories to keep and smile at when you think of them.

Some people would say, "Well, just let things go naturally. If it happens, it happens."

Well then. Natural, you say. So when things drift apart, you just let it be that way? Do you do the same with your significant other? Certainly not, am I right? Yet sad to say most friendships do not last, even when efforts are made. Some things really are just meant to be. 

I guess like everything else in the world, life moves on. Friendships, relationships, jobs, studies, everything. We just have to move on, even if we miss the past and all the good memories we have from it.

Moving on aside, I really am keen to look for someone or something that would stay with me through the years to come. I like commitment. It's something that I look for in most aspects. Commitment and something stable or consistent. 

It gets a little lonely sometimes knowing that people around you won't stay forever. They find new friends and would be too busy to reconnect with you, and make half-ass attempts to meet up and get the friendship back. 

There are friends that makes efforts to let the friendship stay in my life, and I am grateful for that. I'm dedicating this paragraph to you, my bunny a.k.a. scandal whom I've known since primary school and just called me to tell me that she needs some motivation to go through the last day of her exams tomorrow. I miss you, bunny. x) You're in Kedah, wayyyy too far for me to go visit. But if you return to Melaka then maybe we can meet 8) <3

"It's surprising how easy it is for someone to just drift out of your life forever. But sometimes, when you do find someone you want to stay in your life, you do something about it." - A quote from 'How I Met Your Mother"

To the readers who might already are my friends, will you stay?

Nicki Sim

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