dy/dx = 0, A Turning Point

Just 2 days ago, I learnt that my application for a degree course in Nanyang Technological University has been rejected. I don't know why yet - it might be because my Foundation is not sufficient as an entry requirement (should have taken A-levels or Australian Matriculation although I wouldn't have met all the awesome people I did in 2013), or maybe because the drawings I sent in as my portfolio did not reflect my creativity and skills, maybe both reasons or just that the limit for number of international students have been reached.

Either way, I took this as a turning point for my life. 

It was the deciding factor of whether or not I continue trying to pursue a course and future in designing. It was either entering NTU to get into a designing life or nothing. 

The other universities were a bit too costly in comparison, and the impression not as good. Beggars can't be choosers, but one can always have some expectations. 

If anything, this event motivated me to get even better at my drawing and later, designing skills. But for now, I will apply for a neuropsychology course or as it is called in the university, Biology with Psychology. 

This subject has been my second choice for some time, after designing. Well, not NEUROpsychology. Just psychology, until I got to know about all those puzzles surrounding the brain. THEN, I wanted something combining brain and psychology and here I have it, neuropsychology.

It's really better to have a second choice and backup plans in life, I realized. Life doesn't always go the way we planned, and at times like this, having a backup is good. 

You see, my life has been so sheltered and protected that I seldom and almost NEVER faced rejections before. This is one of the first few major rejections that I faced in my life so far.

Thus I call it the turning point.

Being average-ish in studies isn't enough. At times, we have to make the right choices in order to advance or move forward in our lives. Maybe it wasn't a wrong choice to take a foundation where I'm headed. As a friend said to me, I'm just taking a different path, maybe a slightly longer way to reach my dreams.

Little will change after this. However, I will now have time to improve and learn more on my own about digital drawing and actually do some reading about how humans work and put it to use afterwards.

Where is your turning point in life? =)

Nicki Sim

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