This thing you call a relationship

So I've been thinking a lot lately about relationships and whatnot. Like, I'm gonna be 19 this year, and if I ever want to get married I'll probably do so by the time I'm 25. About 6 more years till the possibility of that happens.

Well if that's the case I sure hope I already have that guy in my life!! 6 years is a long time though, I guess I can spare a few more years finding that guy to torture for the rest of my life. But we'll see. Cause I'm not exactly keen on the idea of getting married and having kids although I want relationships to last forever.

Anyway, there's the things my parents and friends have told me.

From mum:

"Go study well, get a nice job, find a guy that loves you more than you love him and have a decent background. If you get him, just get married about 1 or 2 years after getting into a relationship."
(Me: ISN'T IT TOO SOON THOUGH I'd like to know le dude more before marrying him!! @@)

"Don't put too much emotions into your relationship, okay? In the end you're the only one getting hurt after all."

"It's not nice for your husband if he knows that you've been through 24351353526 relationships. Don't jump into one. Don't accept just because the guy chased you. And most of all, don't chase the guy."

"Holding hands, hugs, kisses... those are special, don't simply give them away to a boyfriend."

"Why jump into a relationship so fast? You're still so young. scared won't get a boyfriend in the future? There are better guys waiting out there, don't rush it."

From dad:

"Still with that guy ah?"
(Me: Got bf same like no bf lah. Doesn't matter that much.)
" *claps* Good good good. Good to think like that. I approve. You need all these experience to be more mature mah."

(Me: ...)

"Haven't break up ah?"

"Ceyh. Just 4 months ma. Nowadays you all ah, easy easy call boyfriend girlfriend. No point."

"If you got heartbroken all that, tell me. It's alright. It's all a part of growing up."

From little sister:

"Notchet break ah?"

"Eh you guys how long d ah? Got 1 year ah? (Me: No. Not even half a year yet LOL) Your ex one how long?? (Me: 1 year 5 months?) Eh not bad hor? (*nods*)"

"Aiyaaa break la break la why notchet break"
(Cursing me izzit??? Who won't want their relationship to last wor ><)

"Why would people want a potato like you."

"See, other couples so sweet you got like that one mah? No, right? Lousy. Not sweet also."


"It's your decision, in the end. But know that I have your back when your decision is made, whatever decision that might be."

"Stay strong."

"Be confident."

"Are you really alright? Don't lie to me, I know you're hiding something."

"Don't give up on hope just because of what you faced so far, you'll find someone that will change your mind one day."

"Homaigawd why are you so stubborn. You're so naive!!" 

"Don't be cheated by sweet words, okay? Keep this in mind."

"Well, you jumped into a relationship knowing what will happen, so it's still partly your fault. But I still got your back here so just jump whenever you want to."

"At the beginning all is sweet, it's how the guy treats you after the 'honeymoon phase' that counts."

=) Despite all the different sorts of comments, both good and bad, I want to let you guys know that I appreciate all of it. At times when I need reassurances, someone to turn to, a shoulder to cry on, it's you people that I seek. My family and my friends, I thank you. 

Through my relationships, I have always had friends who were there for me when I feel upset. Sometimes, I find myself laughing as I realized that my friends cared more for me than my guy (Both past and current). You people will not hold back telling me what I did wrong and if I was the one who wronged the other, and I appreciate that too.

I wouldn't learn otherwise. 

Yet some of you said that I haven't learn from my past experience. I can't argue about that. I learnt, but I still believe in keeping faith and hopes up instead of giving up so quickly. 

Maybe one day I will just give up and turn to swing both ways or something, but today, my friends, is not the day. 8) 



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