Lessons Learnt

Seeing as my first relationship was a long-distance one and I got to know le dude through Facebook, what I learn was that

- It's better to know someone personally before jumping in

- Long distance is tough. Needs determination from both parties.

- You really don't have to be afraid of your boyfriend even if you're afraid of guys.

My second relationship, what I learnt was that

- There's a reason why your friends are against you being with him

- You gotta trust your 6th sense sometimes

- One-sided relationships do not work

- Not a good idea to get into a relationship when you've only been close for about a month or maybe even less

- Just because you're living in le same state with le guy doesn't mean you get to meet often. It's a bit like long-distance relationships.

- You gotta have the balls to do what you know is right.

- Sometimes waiting it out isn't really a good option.

- Oh. My. God. I can get jealous when guys go out with his friends often.

- So what if you guys have been together for half a year or one year or 5 years. No love, then pointless it is.

- "I don't know," isn't a good answer to questions like "Where do you wanna go? What do you wanna eat? What do you wanna do?"

- I suppose it's actually okay to send just two or three texts a day to le guy. Don't wanna be over-attached and bug him all day.

- You don't have to keep being the one that takes initiative in a chat.

- Never be taken for granted. Never.

- You can open up to your friends sometimes, it's not good to bury all your emotional problems inside.

- I never felt this way in my first relationship, but it turns out that one can get really disappointed in a boyfriend. Not anger, not sadness. Just... disappointment.

- Some friends would choose to hide or tell you information, with hopes that you would not get hurt or at least know what's going on.

- Things don't go as planned all the time.

Lessons learnt.

And hey, I reached 5000 blog views today. x)

Nicki Sim

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