New Place, New Me

I am not exactly sure when I started having this mindset, but now whenever I get to go to a new place where I know no one or at least will not be able to interact much with the people I already know, I would start wanting a new personality for myself.

From my time in primary school till Sec. 3 in Melaka, I was an otaku - an anime lover. That's where I picked up most of the Japanese words and songs that I still know and remember now. Growing up with those friends, I got very close to my classmates there and I even had a few seniors that I still contact now. Still shocks me a little that one of my favourite seniors is turning 22 this year. Out of those friends, maybe 3 or 4 still remains. A bunny, a crab, an artist, and a fashion designer.

When I shifted from Melaka to Johor, I was a quiet, withdrawn student, still feeling the sadness from my loss of friendships that lasted for at least 5 years from Melaka. I barely spoke to anyone there unless necessary, although I ended up having a few friends that share my interest of drawing. We rarely contact each other now; I only stayed there for about 6 months.

Moving on to the next school, I stuck to friends that are somewhat discriminated a little, and joined their rebellion, hating whoever that hated them as well. I stuck to a small group of friends and never liked that place from the beginning till the end. Among those friends, one stayed, and we still try to contact each other more often.

Going to college, I threw away my fear of guys and although shy at first, I managed to mingle with the friends there quite well as someone a little odd, more sporting that I was in my past, and here I learnt to be more of a nocturnal human. A tomboy, small hints of being a cosplayer, and a boobs-grabber. Also, best time of my life so far. Friends that stayed? Too soon to tell, but they will probably stick around for some time more, especially my hostel mates.

to potate or not to potate
With uni life starting in about 3 months, I'm looking forward to being more girlish, put more guts in me and be one of le social butterflies and generally just have more fun and make more friends than I did in 2013. I haven't planned this one out well yet. Maybe show some of the lesbian side I earned back in girl school. Maybe start go partying. Maybe just be a total nerd that earns money from teaching le classmates. Or perhaps, go all over-attached over the minion if he goes to KL as planned. 

There's a very convenient walkway connecting my campus with his. 8)

Anyway. It's fun to try be someone new when we go to different places; just start anew while no one knows what you did just the day or month before. 

You can just act the way you never were in your old place and no one would think that you are being a little off or weird because they have yet to know you. Even if you choose to act weird on that first day you get to the new place, they probably would just think that it's le normal you anyway. That, people, is the best part. 

If you are also into 'renewing' yourself when you go to new places, here's a tip from le Turtle, as cliche as it might be. Be daring on your first day there. Leave an impression. Then act however you wanted to but couldn't back in your old place 'because that behaviour isn't like you'.

And most of all, keep in mind not to let le bad influences get to you, kay. I use this 'new place new me' game as a way to improve myself. But really, maybe this is all just part and parcel of growing up and discovering who we really are. =)

To those starting out in a new place like me, best of luck. You guys will fit in somewhere. 

Nicki Sim

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