8 Things I Learnt in College

Having graduated from my foundation program about 6 months ago and working only 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, I pretty much have more than enough time to reflect on my life and all I've ever gone through - one of the main things being college.

To be honest I never imagined that college would actually be fun, although I got to give credits to my coursemates for that. But other than college life being fun, let's just say that I learnt a few life lessons - sort of - that I will remember and bring into my university life.

1. Friends are Important

I pretty much went through my secondary school life just mixing around with one or two students just so that my life would be more bearable. I even thought that friends were unnecessary, that when we graduate we'd forget each other soon enough anyway.

 - Support

But in college, you need people at your side when conflicts happen, and rarely would any stranger that you don't know stand by you. College is when things start happening, at least for me - fights, peer pressure, outcasting, relationships, you name it. You are damned if you don't have any friends to back you up or to talk to when things like that happen. Everyone needs some support.

- Studies

Then there's group studies and generally studies itself. You go to college to earn a certificate, mainly. It's hard to go far without people that would help you and vice versa. Who would you look at when a lecturer assigns a grounp project if you have no friends? It's kind of sad to just sit there and wait for someone to add you into their group like how I used to be like in sec. school. Don't do that. Even if you're a loner, you still need one or two friends at least for studies purpose really.

- Company

When you live in the hostel, you get bored, lonely, hungry or just want someone to wail the lyrics of a song with you in the middle of the night, you got your friends for that. No car? Get more friends and eventually you'll find one that can fetch you at random hours for tea, lunch, supper or whatever. Then the fun begins. And your hunger, boredom, loneliness etc are all quenched.

Yeah I know it sounds like I'm listing down the USES of friends but really, they're just bonuses you get along with getting a friend to go crazy with you and rely on. When you have a friend with you, you are also a friend to him/her and eventually you'll pay them back by treating them just as good or even better. That's how bruh-hood works. 8) You give and take.

2. Don't offend lecturers

On second thoughts, try not to offend anyone, lecturers or not. 

- Some consideration?

They are your lecturers, and how they treat you would determine what you get at the end of the day when your college life is done with. Your course is like, what, one to three years maybe? Like with employment you would want to have a good relationship with those above you. After all, those lecturers work up to 8 hours or more a day and teaching is tough enough without you being rude to them. Give them some credit!

- They are your MENTORS

Well I don't know about you but my lecturers helped me beyond my foundation studies. They helped me when I was in doubt about my future pathways, let me know about the options I have that I did not notice, and even gave me kind words and support when I was at the brink of giving up. I got to the point where I thought of some of my lecturers as my second parents. ... Yeah I may have relied on them a bit too much.

- They can also be your friend

If you're the type of person who complains that people your age are too immature and so you don't get along with their squeals of excitement over concerts and pop stars etc, you might already are bonding with those older than you, maybe a parent, a senior a few years ahead, or even a lecturer. Who said you can't bring your lecturer out for a lunch to talk over stuff? You most definitely CAN. Do it. Treat your lecturer with nice food to thank them (Seeing you graduate successfully with great results would be a much better thanking method).

3. Discipline

This is common knowledge. You need discipline everywhere but here's a gentle reminder anyway. Every stage of education you go through, the spoonfeeding you get becomes less and less. You wanna graduate, you gotta discipline yourself. College is fun when you have your friends with you, but you must be able to use your time wisely between socializing and actually working towards your studying goals. Play too much and study too little, you end up failing your semester or the whole course at worst.

4. Co-curricular activities, join them all!

Oh so you think what your senpai said about the activities is not real. No. IT'S 200% REAL. Wait till you need to apply for scholarships or whatever other funds and that empty feeling you get when you realize you have done nothing the whole year. Plus, by joining those activities you also get to know people from other courses. And COME ON. FRIENDSHIPS. DON'T YOU WANT THEM? More people to hangout with and have fun with and hey, you get more people to ask about your studies and such also. Just do it!

5. Money matters

You get more pocketmoney or wages when you step into college. But along with le money, you have more tuition fee to pay and more money to spend on food and your daily stuff. Textbooks cost more, hangouts cost more, transports cost more, the price increases on pretty much everything. So other than sorting your time you also have to sort your money. When to eat in and when to have meals outside, and what to eat? That, being the main worry.

6. Family stuff

You being away in college - especially if you're in another state or even overseas - might be tough on your parents and family members. I'm the eldest daughter in my family and when I moved into the hostel of le college - which is in the same state, just about 40 minutes drive away, my mother cried. As much as you enjoy your new life at college with your newfound friends, you still have a family. They love you and they miss you. Doesn't hurt to give your parents a call once a day, does it?

7. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should

The title above refers to many things. Without chaperons and parents around you at this stage, you can pretty much sneak out after midnight and try to smoke a joint, go clubbing, get drunk et cetera. But does that mean that you should do it? Come on. With your rational side, make the right choice about what to do and what not to do. What you choose to do is now your own responsibility, whether you ruin a friendship, a relationship, a family or yourself. Think wisely.

8. Efforts are best consistent

I don't know about you, but my sister? She studies for her exams and forgets all the studied a few days later, going back to her games and studies again when the exam is due in, say, a week. It's not really a healthy studying habit, if you ask me. When we eventually get our lazy arse away from the laptop to our book stacks we got to start giving consistent hard work. Kind of like working out. Just doing it for one day wouldn't help. You gotta keep doing if for a while to see the results!

9. Relax sometimes!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Everyone knows that. Don't just study all the way in college, try to have some fun too! I see many of my seniors getting all stressed out in university and I can't help wondering if they have been working too hard or doing their last-minute job. Just remember, as hard as you study, you gotta take a day off during the weekends just to have fun and let your hair down. That would, at least, makes college easier to live through for you people that don't enjoy being there. 

Yeah so that's all that I can think of for now, do you think you relate to this post? Or do you think that other stuff are important too? Let me know so I can add them into this post~!

A twerking potato for the long post.

Nicki Sim

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