While I Was Gone

So I'm typing a blog post again after being on quite a hiatus due to some... I don't know. Procrastination maybe.

And even while I was on that long hiatus, my blog seems to receive around 50 blog views or so a day. But it's all related to the spam comments I receive in my inbox. Does anyone know how to make that go away?

Within the time I was gone, yeah, I enrolled in a university and am still working at a tuition center as an assistant - helping kids with their homework and making sure they are well disciplined. I have about a month and two weeks left before I leave for uni, and I have to admit - I am excited.

While I was gone, I finally got my lazy ass up to finish the pencil sketches on my room's door and used a marker pen to ink it up.

I went shopping, and tried to be more girlish. I put effort into dressing up like how girls my area dress nowadays without exposing myself unnecessarily - jeans and long sleeved jackets are still my favourite combination.

I went to yet another book fair and there's only one compartment out of nine that is not filled with books for leisure reading.

While I was gone, I was living the sleep-late-wake-up-late routine, otherwise working or facing my laptop.

I passed my driving test, and I still am excited whenever dad lets me drive his car around - near home, of course. Not onto le big roads yet.

While I was gone I haven't really done much. It's kinda routine-ish, my life these few months. The only change is when I got to meet up with my friends once every few weeks. There isn't really much to talk about when you don't quite socialize, you see.

So here's a short post, I'll be updating more in late August when my classes start.

Meanwhile, Adios!

Nicki Sim

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