I am in KL!

On the 16th of August my family fetched me to Kuala Lumpur with lots and lots of luggage which magically managed to fit in my dad's car.

We had our breakfast in Melaka and our lunch in Sunway pyramid and my mum helped me a lot with the unpacking before they went back in the afternoon.

So. Two days later I am in the campus library posting this blog post, having exhausted at least RM40 the last two days going out with some people.

What can I say, I need to take care of my budgets and yes, I am working on it. During the past two days, the campus was pretty much empty - weekends - but today I see huge swarms of students around the campus. Might as well look properly at how they dress and try fit in, I guess.

The hostel wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. The sample rooms looked terrible, but the actual thing wasn't as bad really. I met two of my room mates so far, and they seem just about fine. We might get along if I actually try to communicate with them.

The campus is sorta big. I'm still exploring parts of it, making sure I will be able to find my way back to the hostel =P

I like the library, it's huuuge compared to the other schools and college that I've been to, and if I have the time (what am I saying, I have LOTS of time till orientation two days later) I might go and visit Monash uni and its library. ... Maybe I'll just pack up and visit Monash after this.

Still a-hunting for cheap food in food courts in case I get broke soon. Not quite sure if they actually allow people to cook in the hostel although it's stated in the guidebook that it is not allowed - I see rice cookers and some other cooking thingies in the kitchen so I got a bit confused.

Would be nice to be able to cook some stuff for myself and save some money. Then there's looking for a part time job in sunway pyramid on weekends after my studies are stable enough. Still crossing my fingers and hoping for the best~! =D

Nicki Sim

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