During the previous two days, non-sports related clubs and societies were having their booths to get some new members in. They ranged from le choir club to science and even dental and some business stuff to language clubs.

And here you are allowed to open your own club provided you find an adviser for your club and have a number of members or something.

I managed to get a place in the Japanese club - I joined just so that I can learn the language, mainly - but it's also fun to get to know more about the Japanese culture. To be honest, I was a little disappointed that I couldn't find a Spanish club to help me learn this language further. There hasn't been much chance in university to learn the stuff I want now.

Then there's this anime club. I heard that there are quite a number of cosplayers there, and they give preview to the upcoming anime conventions and stuff. A member even told me that animangaki was started from the anime club in this very university!

Sounds cool enough, and I was hoping for some anime-drawing tutorials and introduction to good manga and anime series, and so I joined.

For the first semester, I won't have any classes that clash with my club activities, so all is well.

I also signed up for ECHO, a university magazine club which would be in charge of publishing magazines and newsletters on the university events and stuff. I did join a similar program before, so this is not all that foreign. In fact, it sounds pretty exciting and fun! However this activity is still pending, because I will need to undergo an interview to get a position in that club first - a writer, a designer or maybe some journalism thing.

So yes, I did get a little bit greedy for my club activities. And that's just the non-sport related ones. As for the sports club and societies, I debated between cheerleading club and dancing club. I have a little experience in cheerleading activities, and just about zero skills in dancing (but that's the point, cause you can LEARN).

A turtle needs her share of swimming activities after all
But then, my attention was riveted by this swimming club. I love swimming, even if I don't know all those fancy techniques or anything - I just enjoy the swimming activity itself. I can be just floating on the water surface for ten minutes and still be content with what I'm doing anyways.

So yes, I joined the swimming club. The thing is, this club's activity is on the same day with that of anime club's and I will probably only get about 30 minutes of activities in anime club before I have to go swimming.

 I guess it depends on which one I'm more interested in now =P Also a little worried that there will be more guys than girls in the swimming club as well cause I get a little self-conscious sometimes .______.

So yes, the activities start today. I am kind of determined to get the most out of my university life, with or without friends. Meanwhile, how's your people's university life? Is it going well? I sure hope so =)

As usual, thanks for your supports all these while, my dear readers. Have a good day ahead.

Nicki Sim

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