So, I've been in KL for like one week or so now, and classes only started this week. So far, so good.

While I thought that I might die from the KL heat and no air-conditioning in the hostel, staying here for this long has proven me wrong.

It's freezing cold, even without the air-conds.

I don't need to say much more about the lecture halls and classes. I mean, those places were probably designed more to be a fridge than a classroom.

Sorry that this post won't have any pictures, but the internet provided in my dorm unit (I am grateful enough that there is actually internet in the room without the need to go to the lobby actually) is kind of slow so I won't be uploading any for now.

Well the library's awesome. And having a nice mall within walking distance for hanging out and watching movies, playing games etc? That's even awesomer.

I have yet to make many friends in my course - or intake, for that matter, but there's some progress.

Just joined some clubs yesterday for my co-curricular activities. I hope that will go well too =) There's a lot to choose from now that I am in university - the freedom is kind of shocking, to be honest O.O"

I do love visiting the libraries, however. Yes, libraries. Plural. Since Sunway university is also linked to Monash University, I can visit their library and borrow their resources once I fill in a form for some reciprocal thingies. It gets colder the longer you sit there, but I realized that the Sunway University's library is much colder than Monash's. That's probably why I'm willing to walk the extra 10 to 15 minutes to that university rather than just stay in my uni's own library =P

There are events in both universities, and I realized that if I visit at the right time and dates, I might be able to just blend in with the students and join their events. Just today I bought some badges from Monash Uni.

It's nice to walk around in the universities because you don't know anyone and they don't know you either and you can pretty much walk about without having to entertain other people XD

But of course, my attempts to socialize more is still ongoing =)

Staying in this in-campus apartment is actually a lot better than I expected as well. My roommates are nice, and although we don't share the same course we still talk from time to time and make friendly conversations. I AM learning to communicate better, do give me time. x)

One thing to worry about after coming here would be the money.

There's so many things you can spend your money on - even more so if you decide to visit the mall. But I'm starting to plan and budget ahead more now, for the sake of my bank account if not anything else.

It's just the first studying week here, and there are barely any practicals or tutorials because of our studying pace. And since there is only lectures for this week, I pretty much am free most of the days and spend my time in the library downloading pdfs or drawing or reading - as I usually do.

I do miss the nice internet speed on which I could use to play online games or post pictures and videos in a short time, however.

Homesick? I admit that I was really homesick on my first day here, but I was pretty much fine afterwards. =)

Things are going well for now, and if this continues, I might go hunt for a part time job at the bookstore during weekends. I'll have to see about that - the assignment load etc, it's hard to tell if I will have the time to do extra work. But I sure won't mind the extra money!

I'll try to steer clear off the tutoring job for now, it's simply too tiring. xD

Nicki Sim

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