Week 3

Today is uh, Tuesday. Yeah, it's Tuesday. The third Tuesday of my studies so far.

Life has been good, albeit a little expensive, but it's manageable. I have been going out a bit more often lately, hanging out with my hostel mates for dinner until late into the night at times, and sometimes joining my friends at Sunway Pyramid for a movie or just window shopping.

I made a few friends - which is good, I am not to be fated with the foreveralone life from the beginning of the semester.

I got myself a job at a bookstore, and is due to start working this very weekend.

I still meet some of my friends from my pre-university year in 2013, because they stay nearby. By this time most of my old friends already lost contact or never contact at all anymore, so I just have to make do with the people I have left.

And keep making new ones in the process. :)
 The studies are going on just fine, although I can do with less procrastination on Facebook and Whatsapp - My friends are all so active on it OAO"

I am targeting for a first class honours to waive the PTPTN loans and also have enough networking people by the end of my three years to know enough for a good business.

It will do to learn more than just textbook materials  for my degree, and I have my schedule packed full every week just so that I would have a moderate amount of stress to keep my working pace higher.

I can't work without any stress.

Speaking of which I need to go offline more. Internet is accessible in university campus and also in hostel, so there's not many places where I would be disconnected from the busy Whatsapp-ing life.

Let's hope that things will go well until the very end and even AFTER that. :) I have high hopes for you, Tatoru Yuki. Don't disappoint me. Take care, and keep emotions out of the way for now.

Nicki Sim

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