Week 4

So hey, people. Greetings from Sunway University. It's the 4th week here now, and I think I'm settling in just fine.

because elevator selfie is important too

I guess it's pretty awesome to study here. It's becoming a routine to go out for lunch and dinner with my coursemates and some hostel friends. And recently, even just staying in campus until late into the night has become a routine as well.
Culture Shock!

Just last week my friends and I attended this university event 'Culture Shock', and there were performances and free red bull drink and lucky draw and last but not least a rave session.

Let's just say that I was jumping around and 'raving' in a dress and 1-inch heels. Which wasn't easy. But the loud EDM was very enjoyable, and everyone else was dancing as well and some even showed off their skills~!!

Dancing performances are forever awesome, regardless of genres. I like to watch other people do it even if I can't dance/

at the gym
I've managed to get myself a 5-days free trial at the celebrity fitness gym in sunway pyramid from a friend who has the voucher. Truth to be told, I never expected working out to feel this good. It's actually my first time going to a gym just two days ago, and I went with my classmates.

The people there are nice, and so are the equipment. Sadly the trial period is only for 5 days and afterwards I would have to pay the membership fees if I want to get in.

And even though I am working I can't quite have enough money for this membership (Approximately RM150-ish a month at the lowest rate)

Crazy selfie gang XDD
But hey, I heard that there's a gym in Monash that I can enter (apparently lah, I haven't gone there yet) so if it's legit I think I will be going there quite a lot to burn all the calories I absorbed these past few days.

Ah yes, if you guys haven't already seen it, I believe I have been overdose-ing on my social life. I didn't study as much as I normally do, but I still get my assignments done in time.

I'm still glad that I have friends here already, however :) But even with these new friends, it's still being able to meet my old friends that makes me happier. Just yesterday, my group of friends from secondary school met up as a gang once more - after like, what, 2 years? 3??? - to celebrate le bunny's birthday.

From left to right: Bunny, Whale/ Squirrel, Turtle (me) and Crabby
That excitement I felt when I met them all again, I can't quite put into words. It was so surreal, having to meet them all again and yet feeling as if we never even parted. I love these friends of mine, and God forbid anyone tries to hurt them. I trust them a lot, I love them a lot, I *whispers* grab their boobies a lot, and yeah, they've been my best friends ever since we got to know each other when we were about, say, 10 or 11 years old.

We went to the arcade and played games, had lunch, did a bit of shopping, had green tea ice cream as a group, had a small slice of cake and got some chocolate at the end of the day. There, I kinda summarized one whole day's event in a sentence. But the point is that I'm really REALLY glad to be able to see them all again. 

It was fun, you people. I love all of youse. <3 Do take care, and I hope that we will be able to meet up like this again soon. Maybe by then we should go sing karaoke or something :D Go cray cray like le olde days. Happy belated birthday once more, Bunny-chan. :)

Meanwhile, take care, good luck and have lots of fun studying where you guys are! ^^ 

Nicki Sim

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