Week 6

Heyyy guys. :D Turtle Yuki-san reporting for her weekly blogging!

Like all the previous weeks, there were some highlight events in the past few days.

Yesterday, my hostel friends and I joined this 'We are young, so what?" event which was mainly about the young entrepreneurs and how they got started, the troubles they faced building and making their business. There were also some performances by the university's music club and a comedy show by a local.

For RM10, there was a bag of food (snacks, more like) and a certificate and some vouchers and coupons.

It's not impossible to be career-wise successful even if you're still very young. :D

9 other coursemates and I went to watch Annabelle barely 4 hours ago, at 2.30p.m.. Sad to say I was very disappointed with the movie. There was almost no storyline and there were only jumpscares and well... it was just disappointing really.

Must keep in mind next time that not all horror movies are good even if the prequels are awesome. Much sads.

However, highlights of the week - I #yolo-ed with my hostel mates for two days continuously. The first day, Monday, probably - my friends and I (it's always just the four of us hostel people really) went to the shopping mall on an impulse and got ourselves a dark red hair dye and dyed our hair. It was for the only guy in our gang in the beginning, and one of us girls happened to know how to dye hair so she helped. Meanwhile the rest of us 3 girls decided to just dye a portion of our hair. The fringe part for us.

Yet the colour barely stood out after it dried and we were kinda disappointed. And the bottle of dye still had aplenty of the colours, so we went to dye our hair the second time. This all happened between about 9p.m. to midnight-ish. And yes we dyed our hair in campus. Because we can. I ended up applying the dye to not just the fringe in the end anyway. The colour only started to show recently. Slow chem reaction? XD

We are planning to dye a brighter shade of colour in the second semester. Let's hope it works out better by then :D

The second night, my friend and I stayed awake the whole night just studying and completing our assignments. NO sleep at all. We survived on... nothing much really.

We went to take our shower around 4 a.m. and got our breakfast and went to the lab for our class afters.

I brought my blanket with me and slept while waiting for the lecturer around 6 or 7-ish to 8-ish. And by night time I was simply too tired to sleep after midnight.

But I got assignments done, and even some studying. Which felt pretty good really. :D I'll probably do this every fortnight or so, provided someone else would stay awake with me in campus.

Overall it has been a good week, and I hope I get my salary soon because I need my money for... reasons.

Well, that's all for now. The assignments are piling up once more, and I need to start doing some journal readings. See you guys next week and I hope you had a nice week too :D

Nicki Sim

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