Week 7

The past week passed by in a haze of blur. There were exams, sleepless nights and I don't actually remember much of it anymore.

I am, however, finally back home for the one-week holidays.

I stayed overnight at my friends' place yesterday night and got up early this morning to reach the bus station and board the 0830 bus. And ohhhh was that bus good. Air-conditioned, has a washroom on lower level, and there's a mini TV thing with 2013 movies and song playlists.

Aeroline provided a simple meal, consisting of a sandwich, a croissant-like thing, and a nice big apple. They also gave a bottle of water and a hot drink - I got myself some coffee - besides headphones and blankets to be returned by the end of the trip.

It's kind of like what I experienced in an airplane, except that this is a bus. I hope that I can just board the bus to Johor from Sunway Pyramid in the future, then I won't need to ask my friend to fetch me to the bus station anymore x)

On Thursday, all le Psychology students were probably rushing to complete their own practical reports which included method write-ups. My report was about 11 pages long, and this assignment's marks are worth about 15% out of our internal marks. So yes, after scoring only 5.7 our of 10 for my first psychology assignment (Yes, I was disappointed, because I really expected higher marks), I tried harder. Let's hope it goes better this time.

It was also on Thursday that I got my friend two PS4 games - Diablo 3 and Shadow or Mordor - for his secondhand PSP. That's RM400 for a console, which is quite a good deal.

I'm getting that PSP by Friday next week.

Kinda can't wait, to be honest. While my friend is home playing his two new games on PS4 I'm here downloading 'DragonAge Origins' from well, Origin.

So far, I have to say that I have more problems with Neuroanatomy compared to other subjects in this semester - Intro to Organic Chem, Intro to Stats and Intro to Psychology. And it was during this mid-term on Wednesday that I found out just how much I had to study and how much I didn't know.

Therefore I am recommending Armando Hasudungan's videos for the science and arts students out there. His videos are of him drawing the structures of an organ/ organelles and explaining their functions etc, and for someone who's more of a visual type of person like me, the videos are very helpful.

I barely slept at all the day before the exams, but at least I had a rough idea what answers I should write. Yet the results that came back so far was just results overview from the lecturer like

A - 4, B - 2, C - 4, D - 3 and F - 5. Each number representing the number of students that received the said grade. It got me a little worried. What if I failed???

My friends and I went for Tiramisu Tuesday at Starbucks - Buy 1 Free 1!!! and when asked for our names, I simply said "Batman" and yes, I got the Batman starbucks.

Right, this was the night before the neuroanatomy exams.

So we got our coffee and then we stayed up at night studying all the brain stuff. At least there was coffee, I guess.

And this tiramisu frappucino thing tasted nicer than expected, although it turned a little too sweet for me in the end. But hey, about RM9 for a large starbucks cup ain't half bad!! :D

Might do it again in the future.

That morning, we did our lab session and I bought a flower from the old aunt outside the campus. Brought the flower into the lab and placed it in a bottle for distilled water (Well I added tap water because distilled water can't really work to water plants now can it?)

Now, now. What happened on Monday? *thinks* Ah, there probably wasn't anything. On a side note, I should probably take more pictures of events in my daily life. I won't lose track of events that way, right? x)

eeeeitherway, this holidays is a lie. I still have so many assignments to do and there's two other mid-terms to prepare for~!! XDD

Oh oh OHHHH how can I forget. This week was when our Faculty students got to know the 'Trolling Saruman' song and play it over and over in lab sessions and lectures and sang at random hours.

That, and 'mah anahkondah donth'.

What a week.

Nicki Sim

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