Week 8

Ahh, the mid-term holidays. Ever since I arrived home on this hella luxurious bus, I've been catching up on all the sleep and free food that I did not get in university.

It's back to the sleep late wake up late schedule like back when I have not started the uni life yet. And there's so much chocolate at home I'm surprised I didn't get diabetes yet (on second thoughts I might have it but just haven't realize it).

And I gotta say. It feels so awesome. This is the life, man. This is the life.

Managed to finish some studying and assignments, besides getting myself two new games to play - Command and Conquer - tiberium alliances and Dragon Age - origins that I got from, well origin.

Downloading Afterfall InSanity Extended Edition from Steam (free yo) as I type.

So much potato-ing at home.

That's about it about my week at home really. Nothing much to talk about. Just getting up past noon, face the laptop for like 10 hours, eat chocolates and whatever food available, do bits and pieces of assignments, and then read a few pages of my novel before I go to sleep.

I also discovered that it's a very difficult task to change a desktop wallpaper. There's so many choices but nothing seems perfect.  I settled for a Harley Quinn one. ... Daaaayum, she looks like Avril Lavigne.

Let's have those random rants back.

You know there's this website called futureme.org where you can send an e-mail to your future self? Like you just type whatever you want, and then set a date for it to be sent to your e-mail and you'll receive that e-mail on the said date.

I received one that I wrote somewhen in November last year, and it was about my relationship at that time, how I was so crazy in love and all that, and it could be our 11th month anniversary when I read that e-mail. I guess things really don't turn out the way you hope them to be :)

Ever since then I've been more clear-headed when it comes to relationship issues. I no longer want to jump straight into a relationship when I feel that crazy infatuation for someone, nor do I feel the need to make him mine or anything like that. Whereas the past me would have chased the guy I like and stalk him to the end of the world, I don't feel motivated to do anything like that any longer. I look out for all the warning signs and I'm not afraid to say 'no' or to disobey anymore.

A little more clear-headed. And it feels nice to be like this.

While I still care for the people I'm close with, I noticed that I think more for myself now. I don't really stay up late to help other people or to put my important assignments aside to comfort a friend anymore. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I do wonder. Maybe time will tell :)

I still feel those small tugs of sadness when I am reminded of how I could have been studying designing right now, completing sketches and drawings of concepts and ideas instead of studying chiral drugs and how to write research reports. It still hurts, but I have nice friends here who made me more determined to go through this with them. They push me forward, and I will do the same for them should anything happen.

Thanks, you awesome bunch of people. We're in our second month in uni now, and the finals are in December. We have one more month to prepare ourselves for our chain of straight A's! :) Let's do this together :D

Much love,

Tetsu Yuuki

Nicki Sim

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