Week 9

Ahhh, quite an uneventful week, I can say.

I came back from the holidays on Friday in Week 8, and that very evening, I went to Night of Frights
Sunway Lagoon with some friends. Those friends were kind of crazy really, they went on so many rides that I was somehow too chicken to go on. The 360 degrees pirate ship - holy shit how did they summon the courage to go on THAT?!!! - and a very fast slide down a tube. I wanted to take shitloads of pictures on that day, but sad to say it was too dark to get any good pictures.

There were people in costumes roaming about, giving you shocks and surprises if they catch you unaware. There are also some 'haunted houses', so to speak, where you go in and risk getting scared but it wasn't scary really.

It was still fun though.

Red more visible this time?
Saturday was a rainy day, and being not needed at work in the end, I went to check out this melissa shoe shop because my friends and I had RM100 vouchers for this shop but yoooooo their shoes are like RM500 plus a pair. Ridiculous. So nope-nope-nooooped away back to campus where we dyed our hair again (the hostel gang anyways) at night.

In campus.

On the 3rd floor.

Outside the male washroom.

Cause it's mainly the guy in our group dyeing, we are just dyeing parts of our hair and not the whole thing) where we were caught like two times. It was late night, there wasn't supposed to be anyone on the third floor anymore, but there IS and two guys caught us girls in the washroom washing off the dye and stuff. XDD

Lunchhhhh. from left to right: Kawaii, '大姐' and Rey (who looks high as fuck)
Rey got his colours up real good, but for the rest of us it isn't that obvious. But it's k cause it's showing much more than it did when I dyed the last time with dark red. We chose super bright red this time anyway :DD Might try dark blue the next time I want to dye. Be a parrot. Prrrrt.

Oh and I got my PSP on that day I believe, and I've been hooked ever since.

Sunday and Monday went by quite uneventfully (I can't remember what happened anymore) ... Oh right. We had Stats exam on Monday and I got 55 out of 60 for that exam. Which was pretty awesome in my opinion :D

Wednesday I vaguely remember completing a lab thing and then reading to Sunway Pyramid to get a new ring (got one at Rm29) and then window shop with my fellow girls while waiting for Rey to be done with his gym stuff. Thing about going out with girls is that you can enter any shop you want and that was why we entered a super fancy lingerie shop and try out the low cut blouses there (too big for me even at S size and WHO BARES SO MUCH SKIN ANYWAY) ... Was that really yesterday? It felt like it's been so long. Maybe that was Tuesday.

Yeah i think that was Tuesday. On Wednesday we were... ... How hard can it be to remember things that happened yesterday?

Oh right. It was Deepavali, and my Indian friends were gone for the day. I was alone most of the day until night time, when I settled at the piano atrium to do some drawing and studying. Some people were playing the piano there, and they were good. Music during work is always appreciated ^^

Then there's today, when I got back my Neuroanatomy mid-term paper. I got 45 out of 60, and made it into the list of A-scores. There were only 4 people that got an A, so I think I did quite well even though I was kind of disappointed I didn't get an 80?

Yeah that was about it really But I had fun during lunch period, because my ship agreed to act out some coupley stuff for my birthday. <3 It'll be my 19th birthday soon, and I can only hope that I won't get pranked too heavily? XD But we planned to go to Sunway Lagoon (I can bring 4 people with 30% discount during the week of my birthday and I can go for free) on that week's saturday :D

Yay? :)

Nicki Sim

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