Week 11

4th Nov, Maid Cafe event. I borrowed my friend's blouse and walked around campus in a... say 1.5inch wedges and short skirt-thing and a neko ears.

Sold most of le stuff - I must say 'thank you' to the member card promoting skills I got at my workplace for this - until there were only about... 2 or 3 items left? Yeah I suppose that was good enough.

5th November, presentation for Chemistry. I also got my kad siswa - discount card for university students.

I was kinda panicky for the presentation, to say the least. Prancing up and down the stairs and timing myself, making sure that I remember my points correctly without having to look at the slides.

My friend and I were the second to do our presentation, and we did one on Methadone. Yeah, chemistry stuff. I was glad when it was all over :DD

6th November, we collected data for our psychology experiment. We were doing a research on bystander effect, and we wanted to see if people will help more when they're in a group or when they're alone.

Basically in our group we drop something and pretend we didn't know it, and see if that person will help us pick it up and return it to us. As it turns out, people tend to help out less when they are in a group compared to when they're alone.

Psychology, bitches.

That night, I went to meet up with a good friend from secondary school. It's been so long since we last met, but she didn't change that much. Not much in appearance, at least. Personality? Prolly some changes were there. She's more outgoing, prettier - though a lot more skinnier now - but still good. :D Went back around midnight, a friend accompanied me to and back, but stayed in the cyber cafe while we girls catch up on stuff. :) Thanks bruh.

I think my friends and I went to watch Interstellar on Thursday also?

I can't remember.

The movie was good. I expected the movie to be real deep and hard to understand and stuff but as it turns out it was a really good movie and had me on he edge of my seat most of the time in the 3-hours movie.

yes, 3-hours. It was worth it, however. Very much worth it. Much recommendation to the friends out there considering watching it. Don't CONSIDER anymore. Just go watch it :D

There prolly wasn't anything much on Friday? I can't quite remember. BUT SATURDAY THO.



I managed to bring 3 other friends with me for a trip to Sunway Lagoon. There were supposed to be more people joining us, but about 2 or 3 had to back out at the last minute. So 4 people it was. And even though it was only 4 people, it was fun.

It was raining when I got up around 8a.m.. Sunway Lagoon opens around 10a.m.-ish, so there was still hope that the rain will stop afterwards. And it was just small drizzles by 10. We got our breakfast and then in we went to Sunway Lagoon :DD

I think we went on Vuvuzela first? The thingy that's like a huge ice-cream cone thing. A water ride. Yeah, we went into the waterpark first, got ourselves wet and stuff ;) We went on almost all the rides, actually.

Except for this other 360 degrees ride thing and other tiny rides that weren't as exciting, I believe we went on everything else. Even canoe-ing and pirate ship and swimming in the dirty waters.


Halfway during the trip - after lunch there, which was kinda expensive really - Rey's phone's waterproof abilities were tested.

AND IT WORKS. So from that point onwards we kept taking pictures.  We went on this motor-ride thingy (forgot its name) but not the flying fox. Queue too long and it was raining at that time (small drizzles but they stopped some rides nevertheless). 

Imagine playing from 11-ish till 6p.m.

It was tiring, but worth it. 

Afterwards Elicia brought us to Suki-ya in Paradigm mall. 

RM39.80 nett. Free flow of meat. 


but it's mostly the guys who ate. They ate shitloads. I wonder how big their stomachs are. One thing worth mentioning about eating here is the 'Chocolate Ice-Cream with Chocolate Sprinkles' that Punchbag was ridiculously proud of.

There's green tea ice cream. Which is like. Super awesome. 

For the record, I had an ice-cream cone filled with chocolate sprinkles and some cornflakes before I left. :P

We went back after dinner at about 10-ish. It was a ONE DAY TRIP. 12 HOURS, about. 

Much fun :D Best day spent ever~!!

Nicki Sim

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