Week 12

Highlights of this past week: Homework and assignments. I have nothing much to say about this week *gulps* Homework tsunami is on the way, and if it counts as anything, I bought a few more notebooks during the weekends, one for motivational quotes and another one (very tiny really), for noting down the happy events that happened on the day. :) It's somewhat productive I guess, better than playing games on my phone and stuff.

What the girlfriends said was: "You gotta take some selfies when you're stressed out doing assignments."
And a selfie it was that we took.
I bought a new headphone from sonicgear for rm69. It's good enough quality, although it looks weird as fuck when worn.

I started drinking red dates drink again. I felt quite dizzy the past few days and drinking red dates drink always helped when I was back home. It was cheaper than I expected, and true enough, it did help. :) I'm having it about once every three days only though.

To make up for the lack of photos in this post
I haven't been taking pictures lately.
There was also a free health screening that involved BMI, blood pressure, blood glucose level and cholesterol levels. Turns out I'm about 157.9cm, and all those other blood level things are normal. I appear to be healthy :D

Yesterday (Sunday) I used this Aunt Anne's voucher thing. 3 specialty pretzels and one other new thing for rm11.00 that my friend paid for me in groupon (I don't have a credit card). I thought I could finish it. I have never been more wrong XDD

My friends and I have started to plan for an end-of-the-year trip after our finals this semester. It appears that we will be going to Melaka :)

Today in Introduction to Psychology class, we played charades instead of having an old-style quizzing. We can opt to draw on the whiteboard or act the term out. Our team lost =P None of us actually studied psychology yet so uhhh... eheh. But it's a fun way to revise alright.

Chem test 2 is in 2 days, as well as the submission deadline for the last practical report of introduction to psychology - done, thankfully. So here it goes, all the last minute cram-studying.

I actually already applied for one-month leave from work (a little guilty, but finals are more important than my money at this moment). Let's make use of this time properly~!!

Nicki Sim

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