Week 13

Dad came over for a short while on Tuesday, 18th Nov. He brought some food and clothes, and then he left fairly quickly, in a rush. But it's something. I now have extra sachets of coffee and oatmeal and biscuits :D

19th November, Pizza party. We were celebrating Pit Shan's birthday (the girl on the left) and they had a cake for all the November babies as well (Picture on the right, there were five of us excluding the birthday girl).

We discovered that our 'class monitor' could do stuff with balloons, making a tiny balloon gift for all of us (sorta). A great highlight of this event is that there were 22 of us at the tables. It was the first time that so many people from our classes actually came out together .There were a few more people that didn't join us, but this is enough people already. :D

It was awesome :D

On 20th November, Wednesday, my two hostel friends and I went swimming in a nearby residence. Finally, swimming!! At night time too :D It turns out we can just enter the pool area and swim after registering, as long as it was within the visiting hours :D 

21st, There was a class trip to KLCC for some exhibition for medical biotechnology or something like that. I uh, escaped to Kinokuniya shortly after arriving there (explains why I wasn't in the picture) and after having a meal we just went back to campus.

The fun was in the bus really. XD Nothing much to do in KLCC.

Weekends was filled with work and stuff, and yesterday I had a talk with a close friend of mine and it was a relief to finally tell that friend what was on my mind. It didn't change anything but it was simply a relief. :D

It was a good week.

By the end of this week, most of my assignments will be done with and I will be able to start studying for my finals on the 8th of December.

Good luck to all my classmates going through this same stage as well :D

Till next week, see ya :)

Nicki Sim

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