Week 26 - Thoughts

0700 - It's time to get up already? Did I turn on the alarm for 7.15 a.m.? Yeah I did. Sleep.

0715 - K. Breathe in, breathe out. Sit up. I'll be more awake after shower. Towel, underwear, clothes, shower items... yep. K let's wake up now.

0730 - Are the clothes really dry? Guess I can take them in now. What should I have for breakfast? No, coffee drank first thing in the morning is not healthy. Something about the stomach acids. Biscuits are too dry though, oh god why didn't I go buy milk I'll go buy it later. Does this shirt go with this skirt? I need a full length mirror to look at this properly. Warm water. I need warm water. Maybe a bit of biscuits is alright.

0800 - Is it too early to go to class? I still have time. Do people see my eyeliner and judge me? Is this lipstick colour too obvious? I shouldn't use these things. Au naturale. ... No my lip colour is all wrong and my eyes are so droopy I need something. Should I wear jeans instead? This skirt is going to show my fat thighs and calves. Did I refill my water bottle?

0820 - Should I say hi? Yeah sure why not. Do I just do my own thing or talk to them? Heck they probably think I'm annoying and talkative. Just continue reading now, don't say anything unless they start first. Keep quiet, shush. Did I hear dogs? Should I comment on that? It won't hurt to just say something like that, right? Ah, class is starting. Might as well. Something to keep the mind and hands occupied!

0900 - Where is my coffee? Maybe yoghurt. Milk or yoghurt? Honey, honey lemon, sandwich... Coffee?

1130 - K lunch. Diet or no diet. Do I have enough money? Yeah I do, I just withdrew money yesterday so it should be alright. Fruits. Am I hungry? Yeah I am. Well shit. uhm maybe spaghetti. Or just noodles as usual. Are they going? What's taking them so long? Maybe we can go eat someplace else this time, have a change of menu. But they won't like it. Hey I can go alone. Should I? Will they judge? Wait, maybe they've been waiting for a day when I finally won't join them. Should I? Should I? I'll ask him if he wants to join.

1330 - I wish I could stay. But busy, so busy. Am I really happy with being busy like this? It does give some sense of accomplishment. I wanna get some sleep. Hey I think I've seen you around before do I know you? Should I say hi or pretend I didn't see you? Let's just scroll through my phone. Yeah you didn't see me either right? Awesome. Yo what's that song. I need that in my phone. Who sang that again? Earth to Yuki. Focus on the meeting.

1500 - Empty table. Awesooommmeee. Does the plug work? I shall stay here and finish my revision and do a bit of extra studying and go have dinner around 5pm then go back to the hostel and get some sleep till the next day or something I'm so tired k let's get this shit done. Wait what's new on 9gag? Shit, did people see that? If my friends see me looking at this I'll be so doomed. Yo when did you even start caring about people's judging you in the first place Yuki shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up don't think don't think get some music drink some water calm down

2000 - Shit phone battery's low. It's time to leave. Did I miss out on anything? No notifications, I guess I'm done for today. I'll just do more revision tomorrow. Try sleep early tonight. 10.30pm maybe. Get some sleep. Dinner? I'll get oatmeal or something. Burgers though... Should I even- It's burgers.

2130 - Go workout. Do some light exercises. Maybe stretching and sit-ups. Don't be lazy now. Tired. So tired. I need to sleep.

2200 - Hahah this picture is funny, I should show it to someone. I knew you'd agree, that's why I sent it to you. ... I can't just keep texting you whenever I please, can I? Most people say things like 'Nah I'm okay with it' but inside they're just plain annoyed. I'm like that. I'm kinda bad if I'm like this. Hmmm. I should try change my personality again. For good, this time. What should I wear tomorrow?

2300 - K, just 5 pages then go straight to sleep. Do nothing else. Go. To. Sleep.

0000 - Did I set my alarm for tomorrow? I'll be so tired in the morning, all these choices I make in life... It's kinda cold.

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