Hit it Off

It's been a really busy week, with club and societies activities, talks, workshops, jobs and some friendship issues as well.

You see, this week when I got to know lots of new people I realized that... no, it's not that my friends are not nice. It's not that I have been thinking too much - although that is partly the reason. It's not even that I hate them as I thought I did. It's just that we have little in common and thus there just wasn't much to talk or get hyped about.

I just hadn't found the people that I can get along with in university, well, until about... 3 days ago on the 29th of March after the ANIMAX Carnival event. I basically went out with Alexandria - Alex for the ANIMAX event, checking out cosplays and taking photos and all, When we were done, Alex followed me to Starbucks while waiting for her brother to reach to fetch her.

But theeennn. She informed me that another friend of hers might wanna meet her and so we waited. "He's cute," Alex commented. "But he's gay though."


It took me a few seconds to process that. "So you're telling me that he's going to be cute and I won't be able to get him." "So you're telling me that I'll be meeting a gay dude." "So you're telling me that I might be meeting my next best friend."

Because yes, as it turns out he's one of the few guys that I could be comfortable with within the first 10 minutes of meeting and by the end of the day with a goodbye hug the three of us were already making arrangements to meet up again to talk more soon.

And Alex? I must say seeing someone aged 16 in university is not really a common thing in Malaysia, and the 4-year age gap can sometimes be forgotten and I'd make her somewhat blush or embarrassed through the sexual innuendos I throw out at both of them.

It feels a little odd for me at times because Alex is 16 and Bernard is 18 and I'm 20. The age thing. But otherwise, all is good. We get hyped about similar things and thus, well, you can call it free entertainment. Plus hey, free hugs and nice talks, who wouldn't want that?

I've taken to treating them as my younger siblings. Maybe it's instincts because of the age thing, or maybe because they're both just so adorable, be it their looks or their personality.

Damn all you tiny young adorable humans.

Let's hope this tiny friendship will linger around longer, you guys are awesome ;) <3

Nicki Sim

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