Rantings are moving to...

Hey guys,

thanks for you continuous support for my blog all this while and I would like to take this opportunity to tell you guys that I really appreciate having all you readers here with me during the past one year or so :) This blog has been running for almost 2 years now, and after about 25K site visits and 11 followers, I've decided to use Wix instead to experiment with the new blog platforms.

I will not delete this blog because despite leaving this blog I've grown fond of it over time and these stories are for me to keep and read again one day in the future.

Who knows, I might come back here some time to post other articles :)

But meanwhile, you can find me at http://fionneeverly.wix.com/fionneeverly/ whereby I'll be using the pen name Fionne Everly instead of Tatoru Yuki, and leave a message in the comment sections if anything.

Thank you once more,

Buenas noches.

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