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Hello guys.

I totally miss this blog a lot okay. Wix seemed like a good idea until it just turned out not to be one.  There were lag issues and stuff. Well anyways I'm here today not to talk about why I came back to Blogspot but rather, since my sister's friends have approached me, I'm sharing a little bit about how I, a Johorean, fared so far studying in Selangor.

1) How's the living expenses there?

Okay first and foremost I hope you expected it to be more expensive because if you expected otherwise I'll have to disappoint you. Assuming you have your own groceries as well - biscuits, bread, some rice and a rice cooker, perhaps coffee and milk etc - and you have lunch and dinner outside, it's usually about RM5 for normal hawker centers - mamak, mix rice, fried bee hoon and the like.

You'll need perhaps around RM10-20 for your meals depending on where you go and what you eat.
So that's minimum RM300 (Really tough though) and all the way up to RM600 a month. 

If you're like me, well, I'd sometimes go for slightly more pricey food that goes up to RM18 per meal, and my expenses can go up to RM700 a month at times. There's got to be times when you want to go for movies and stuff, so yep, save a bit for that? :'D

2) Do you work?

Hell yeah I do. I take part-time that if possible, takes only the weekends with about 6 - 8 hours work time in the mornings. It's quite advisable to take up part-time jobs when you can, usually early in the semesters or in year 1. Maybe seek some online freelance writing jobs or as a research assistant in your campus if applicable. If there's a mall near you, part-timers are usually needed in shops there and private tutors are quite popular around campus areas too, if you are into that. 

Why ahh?

For extra income loh. I mean, you get a bit more than your pocket money to spend and even if you choose only to save it, it will definitely come in handy one day. Maybe your PTPTN loan arrive in your account a little late. Maybe you needed that one textbook really bad. Eitherway, you get to add something in your resume , along with working experiences and some ka-ching!

3) About scholarships

I hope you have at least picked out a field of studies you are interested in by now, or if you haven't you can always refer to education fairs and counselors to find something that's more suitable for you. Once you do, look out for any colleges or universities that provide said courses, and literally just send in your application forms everywhere until you get accepted (that's what I did). 

It's better to have backups in case your first choice of institution does not accept your application, and it might be easier to apply and get all your questions answered if you can dedicate a day or two to go to different campuses and - bring all your photocopied certs, exam results and identity card for this - apply on the spot if you are more certain about one or two particular campuses. 

Oh and one last thing - apply before any closing dates. Also, January intakes usually have a higher chance of getting scholarships, loans etc.

Good luck~!! :D

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