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It's been a long time since I last posted here. I think that's how I have been starting most of my blog posts if any now.

This is an appreciation post for my partner the monkey.

We have been together for 10 months now, and sure, we had our arguments (was it 3, 4 or 5 of them again? I didn't really count) and times when we disagreed with each other's behaviours or ideas. We got annoyed, pissed off, said things we regretted afterwards and such, but our happy days outnumber those arguments so much that they simply seem insignificant. As we grew to understand each other better, there's less and less mistakes made and it's just feelings of contentedness when we are with each other.

P/S: I do that too and you are not really weirded-out???
Well, you know me. I'd still get excited about the fact that we are together and I would tell you, "I'm in love with you all over again." all while trying to hug you as close to me as I can. I'm that creep who listens to your heartbeat or just watch you as you sleep. I'm also that weirdo who bites you and leaves marks on you to mark my territory. I'm that over-attached stalker girlfriend who logs into your messenger account to see what's new every once in a while and scroll through your Facebook all the way to years back and Google your name to see if there's any information or old photos of you that I can find. I'm that wacko who would so easily say or do the wrong things and make you worry or get mad at, and you'd flick my forehead and call me stupid, even though you'd apologize afterwards thinking that you hurt me. I'm that fucked-up person who would randomly poke your navel, grab your butt, make you do the pig nose and oink at you or just make various machine (brr-brr-brrrrrttttt-bzzz-brrrrppptttt) noises at you.

I'm all of those and yet you would still tell me you love me unconditionally, and that you accept all that I am.

We grew up differently. If I had to compare, I'd say that you're street-smart while I'm book-smart. You taught me a lot about the working world, how my expectations should be like, how I should be more alert when I'm out (I can never notice you when you're creeping up on me). You tell me things about the society, things that I have never faced or thought about but you knew of. Things my parents did not teach me, you did, some of them at least.

You're the guy that would pull my hands away the moment I start pulling on my tummy or thigh flabs and tell me that I'm perfectly fine; I could see from so many reasons that you really mean it. You make me feel alright about myself and I want to take better care of myself because of how you envision our future together. How else can we achieve that if either of us are sickly, isn't it?

I must have told you this so many times, but you're the first guy that I have never thought "by the time this is over..." about. Even while I doubted and worry that you might leave, I never had it in mind that it is possible we will be apart someday somehow, and this sense of security with you is really pleasant to say the least.

We don't go out a lot, but you make sure that I'm having fun when we are, and even when we just meet in campus, it's still nice to know that you came over to see me for a little while before your class starts et cetera. There was once when I felt something negative - I couldn't for the life of me remember what it was, was it a nightmare? I couldn't sleep? Bad thoughts??? - and you were so tired and sleepy but you stayed up to make sure I was okay before you finally went to sleep. You have no idea how much I appreciate those gestures, and you probably never will, since you believe that things like that are just normal, to be expected.

I corrupted you within the first few months we were together. You were so innocent that I couldn't stand it and after a while your innocence was gone just like that and it never came back. That was perhaps the most impactful thing that I have ever imparted on you. We went through a lot together, the whole learning journey. Well, not just the adult knowledge part. And yet there's still so much more to learn and I can't wait to learn it all with you.

The past 10 months, good and bad, I loved it all and I'm glad that we stuck through the first few hurdles of our relationship. I look forward to our future together, just as I did and always will. I appreciate all that you are and all that you've done for us. I love you honey ^^ Happy 10th monthsary.

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