When it's noisy, crowded the air suffocating; You hold my hand in yours, and in it, I am home.

When my tears are flowing, or when I smile at you, in love, my eyes searching for that same twinkle in yours, you hold me in your arms; With my head rested on your shoulder, my lips feeling the pulse on your neck, my body pressed against yours, I am home.

When I'm a little greedy, clingy, craving for your attention, I wrap my arms around your waist, and look to see what took your attention away from me on your phone when I want you so; You place your hand over mine, our fingers entwined. "What is it?" You ask. With your kind, soft voice that I never tire of hearing, I am home.

When you're down, tired, thoughts flooding your mind, you reach for me and when I am able to be the one that comforts you for a change, holding you close, my fingers running through your hair, I feel loved; I feel needed; and with your body slowly relaxing, I feel your muscle tensions going away, and you fall asleep in my arms. At that moment, I am home.

When I wake up in the middle of the night and I see you by my side, your arms still around me, I snuggle closer to you. You kiss my forehead, adjusted your position a little and is back asleep in no time at all. In your warmth, I am home.

When it's morning and we wake up together, and do the daily mundane tasks getting ready for a new day,  washing our faces, brushing our teeth, dressing up and lazing around just a little longer together before we head out, in your companionship, your unspoken affection for me, your presence,

I am home.

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