MonTle TurKey Banters

👧: Babe?

👦: Hmm?
👧: Please don't ever turn gay, okay?
👦: ... I don't think I will???

Seriously. How would you even feel if you lose your partner to the gender you didn't expect to lose to?

👦: I get why guys like boobs, but I haven't actually understood why some guys prefer ass. I mean, everyone has a butt and it's like an extension to the legs. So why...??
👧: Babe you can't just ask someone why they prefer ass. It looks nice and they just do. We just look at a nice ass and go like DAAAMNNN GURLLLL and it's just... yeah.
👦: I read somewhere that hands are one of the driest parts of the body and boobs are like... liquid-filled-ish, hence the attraction. Is there any scientific explanation for the ass preference????
👧: ... Y'know what let's just Google this.

There were too many weird results ranging from evolutionary ones (primates and their red bums as signs of fertility) to simply aesthetic ones (they look good in jeans). Not even sure if legit.

👧: I really want a pet dog.

👦: We can get one after we have our own place.
👧: But I'll be working and I won't get to accompany the dog much and I would miss it when at work... T^T
👦: ... Oh so you'll be missing the dog at work but you won't miss me? WE ARE NOT GETTING A DOG
👧: Babe you know I don't mean it that way x'DDD

Maybe a hamster will have to do for now. And I will always miss you more than anything else silly XD

👦: How's my baby doing?
👧: I'm goooood, got a nice warm bottle of water next to me, I'm content~
👦: Niiiiice
👧: You know what would be nice tho?

👦: Me being there, yes I know
👧: Aaaaayyyyy
👦: Soon babe XD

The hug meter is never full. It expands whenever it receives hugs. I'm a hug slut.

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