Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Ah, I have decided not to go to Melaka after all. On a side note, I have finally finished writing the story for KL Noir: Blue at 4.30a.m. today and although I did get a little scolding from le minion because I went to sleep just as he woke up, I felt satisfied having finished writing it within three days. Took quite some procrastination, of course. And I really have not written for quite some time, so my writing skills must have deteriorated.

So. Highlights on 2013.

Life at college and hostel was definitely epic, to start with.

Getting to know how college and university works. That gives me a clearer view on the future I might be facing.

Got myself a boyfriend late in le year, yet another highlight.

Got myself a job.

Visited le potential future university.

Went overseas with friends for the first time.

My first open relationship that my parents actually know about. And approved.

I got another straight A's thing. Only that it's straight HD's this time and I got an outstanding academic award for it as well.

Had my first surprise birthday party thrown by my awesome friends (Happy tears)

Does going to le night market with friends for le first time count?

First ever date that went on for more than 5 hours. This one lasted about 12 hours to and back? OAO

Massive book haul of 18 and 31 books in May and December respectively. And there's an unknown number of books in about March. 11 or 13 maybe. I declare 2013 a year of massive book hauls.

Bought a drawing tablet.

Why, I ran a blog.

First said "Baby I love you" in Chinese to anyone at all.

I made friends. Really cute ones. and I did not actually touch any girls' boobs this year except for my own. If any, those are accidental.

Damn 2013 summarized I procrastinated a big deal and did nothing much.

Learnt to play a new song on piano: River Flows in You easy version.

I got someone who loves me enough to give me a huge minion plush toy.

I'll see you guys next year. =P

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Possible Trip??

School is starting for some of us unfortunate ones here. More to the kids in Johor currently, because they are starting their studies on New Year itself. Sad life.

And meanwhile I have a 50% chance of visiting my hometown Melaka with le minion and his friends and possibly, if I really get to go, I MIGHT invite my own group of friends along since I do not know any of le minion's friends. And you know how guys are like around their friends. They stick with le friends more, y'know. 

Well, more planning only if the permission for me to stay overnight in Melaka is obtained.

Of course I hope to go. I mean, I get to spend time with le minion before his classes start as well. And maybe I'll be less boring in person or something. xD

Currently writing a story for submission in a contest, will update you guys if I am going or not and once I finish the story, I will provide the link to the story I published in Wattpad, That is, if I finish it today.

Saturday, December 28, 2013


I do wonder if that was a doppelganger case alright.
But the girl is still alive and well so far, so I wonder...
One of the major weird occurrences I remember happening was probably when I was about 13 or 14. 

I was sitting in the science lab, and the lab has quite a number of long tables. So there I was not quite paying attention to the teacher's lessons and I just looked around and caught the eye of one of my classmates sitting at another table. Well, eye contact. So I just smiled and waved at her, and she did the same thing back.

Sounds pretty normal, no? Well that's what I thought until I was looking for the girl after recess time and another classmate told me that the said girl I smiled and waved at was absent today.

Still makes me wonder what really happened and who it was that I saw in the lab that day.

Today though, I happened to be at the 10th floor of an apartment in Singapore that gives you a view of the airport and there you get to see the planes taking off or landing in all its glory.

I just turned towards my sister who was standing opposite me and I thought I saw a small kid in a red shirt - he has short hair, so yes, I shall call it a 'he' - dashing past me really fast. Too silent and fast for any normal small kids. I did the first thing my brain asked me to. I looked at my sister and asked, "Did you see a small kid just now? He just ran past."

And my sister was like, "What kid."

That got my panic-o-meter rising and I wondered if it was just a play of the mind. After all, after apparently seeing the small kid dash past I looked in the direction of where he was headed and saw no one. Plus, my family and a friend's family was standing in the way, blocking the whole hallway where apartment residents walk through. There's no way a kid could just get past all that without a parent saying "Hey let that kid pass".

The thing is, my dad had the ability to see ghosts and whatnot ever since he was really young. He sorta grew up with that 'sight'. So when we headed back home I asked him if he saw the kid running by. 

What he said is just about like this: "You saw it too? I saw it leaning at the side just looking at the airport. That's why I retreated from that place. I saw it run past too. And uh. Not sure if you guys want to know this but it was standing at the corner while I was parking the car, just looking at us."


Oh well, I can only cross my fingers for now that what I saw was not a sign that I have inherited my father's sights. After all I only saw it running past and not while it was looking at the airport or standing in the car park. =P 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hi Mai Dahlings

Hey everyone. Le Turtle is baaaack. She has finally completed all the requirements for submission into le NTU. So Imma be honest. That was tiring.

Portfolio consisting of 12 drawings (Minimum is 12. So twelve it is), personal statement, creative projects, still life, abstract arts and a 1-page comic. 



I'm going to NTU tomorrow to submit all the above mentioned documents. Well, Singapore. Even the online application is quite a tiring process. They did not lie when they said "This form may take up to 20 minutes to complete". 

The form was okay, but they required me to post all my documents online as well, uploading identification cards and all that.

Hell yeah baybeh
And I'm going there tomorrow to see what's so great about this place because my lecturer and parents AND my parents' friends really are hoping for me to get into that place. O.o Hmm. Just worrying about le money stuff IF i do get in really. wait no. I am not really worrying about anything else other than how education there is like. I really want to ask for honest opinions from other turtles in le university like how is the life there is it as terrible as I fear it might be, is le assignment load heavy, are le lecturers good, and if I happen to meet those who have graduated, ... did the course provide them a good job opportunity.

Ah, now I'm all stressed up about my life after graduation from le university. And my application has not even been processed yet look at the paranoid side of me. xD

Well, Christmas was gone with me sitting in front of the television watching 'Christmas specials' on Channel 5. Nope, not even a countdown or wishing anyone really. Minion was out celebrating with his friends till like 2 or 3am. it seems like we are not gonna be able to celebrate le New Year together either, now that he has booked some place to go with his friends. 

Ish saaad. 

And I really miss him this is silly I know but yesh I miss him like le idiot I am. To think that I have once been paranoid about le Minion not being able to withstand le distance and all yet I'm le one who misses him like wacko when he goes out with his friends. 

Hi, this is le weird Turtle.

But it's okeii cause I lurve dat idiot of mine. I kinda wanna bring him along with me when I go visit Singapore tomorrow but I don't think that option is really available. 

Oh well. Will keep you guys updated on whatever university I'll go to next!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

'Tis le Season

Christmas is on its way and the girlish side of me is getting a bit sentimental and all about this festive season.

I miss mai minion and I wanna meet him and just spend time with him more often before I go study in Singapore. 

Uh yeah. It's like about 80% chance of going to Singapore to study now have I told you that?? Oh gosh the nervousness. I wanna meet mai minion already.

But I don't think we will get to celebrate Christmas or New Year together actually. Both of us got our own plans. And although mine includes spending the festive seasons with him, it might not be le same for him. He already has friends asking him to go clubbing for le New Year countdown. I have yet to go to places like that because I consider those places pretty much legit for immoral activities. The way I was brought up does not allow me to go to these places.

Turtle Duck
On a completely side note, Minion told me that he got this 'Duck' nickname from his friends because of his Chinese surname which sounds similar to it. And after stumbling across the 'Turtle Duck' hybrid species on Google (Which originates from this Avatar cartoon I think), I realized that I now have a new creature to draw if I ever want to draw a fake family portrait for the girl inside me.

Duck + Turtle = Turtle Duck. 

Epic as Fork.

Yesssss, ish sho cuuuteee I knooowwwww. Thanks for praising mai baybee.

Back to the point. I really sorta wanna spend le New year with him - le countdown part, at least, because it's the end of year 2013 and going to 2014. In chinese, the numbers 1314 represents something like 'For the rest of our lives'. Spending the countdown time together just about symbolizes that. That's why it's so important to me QmQ plus I just wanna hug him actually. Ehehe.

Look at all the girlish mentality inside me spilling out like this on my blog. 

I cross my fingers. Christmas, New Year, or just the coming weekend. Whatever really. I just really want to see him amidst our busy lives. He'll be commencing his studies in January as well, you see. We'll all just get more and more busy and I can only hope that his feelings for me won't fade with the passing time.

See you, people, while I go wish on whatever I can find.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ranting about being 'busy'

Ohmigosh I'm so sorry for not blogging for like I wonder how many days. I have been working on my portfolio and looking for references and inspirations for the artworks I will have to submit. I'll be needing at least 12 pictures in my portfolio, with an additional 5 or 6 pictures as a task included in the portfolio. Plus an essay of about 400 words.

Portfolio artwork (1)
Who knew Singapore would require so much stuff for application? A friend of mine is studying there with scholarships and almost zero pocket money from her parents because she got to work in the university library as the librarian and that money is apparently enough to live off le most basic food and so on. Plus in le friggin library you can just scan the documents you want and save/print them for future references.

Sounds good. Library. Always wanted to be a librarian at some point of my life.

But if I don't get this application thing done I will not be able to get all these. At least for once dad approved of my university choice.

Ah, it's Nanyang Technology University, School of Arts and Design, by the way. Crossing my fingers that my application will be accepted. And I really hope that they provide more practical stuff compared to those theory-ish things because practical is really what I need. Will have to obtain more information once I get to visit.

But let's say I do get in to this university. All le plans to meet up with le Minion over le 3 or 4 years in KL would be ruined. He would most likely be studying in KL by September 2014 maybe, upon finishing his semester 1 retake. That's actually sorta sad. ... But studies first anyway, that's le priority and would be until my studies are complete.

Portfolio artwork (2) Owls because we all love them
I hope things will be alright between us =) Let's just say we don't really get to communicate much until like maybe after 11pm. He's working until about 6pm or so daily, and when he's home there's stuff to do. Recently le house is under renovation and he had to help paint le house after getting home. Must be tiring, though. Yet he still sleeps around 2am and wakes up around 7am daily for his job and I just wonder how he can get by with so few hours of sleep.

And here I am blogging about all these stuff, before going back to my portfolio once more. We are both sorta busy so at least there's no feelings of being neglected whatsoever. =P But to be honest mine's more to procrastination really.

Either way I now have le university application, le short story competition, and le job research all on my hands at the same time. Got to split le time well to get all my tasks done. Maybe in a few weeks I'd actually get to hang out with le minion again. *crosses fingers*

Ah dang I forgot that I had to go to le college to collect my exam transcript. Maybe I'll just go collect it when le college January semester commences. Or tomorrow. Something. I'll figure something out. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Stuck at home!

So now that Imma be stuck home for the next few months (8 months, at least), all I'm doing is drawing and finding info online and Facebook-ing and playing this Pocket God game. Then when the internet hours are up, I seek my phone and my novels. And even then, I'd still feel like drawing because well, why not?? 

And just last night when I was supposed to be asleep I ended up chatting with le Minion right up till 4.30am.

Achievement unlocked.

But then because of the insufficient sleep I'm kinda sleepy now and my body hurts.

That does not prevent me from streaming videos on Youtube though. Pewdiepie. Random Minion videos. 'How-to-Draw' videos. Nigahiga. Censored advertisements that never made it to the TV. Stuff like that.

Meanwhile, my to-do list increases tremendously in length. Not only there's more stuff to research in depth for my job, I also need to prepare my portfolio for university application and there's some artworks that my lecturer asked me to complete for her. And I really wanna read those novels I bought.

So what now? I still got to do what I have to. I just need motivation to get started, maybe. I'll get started with the portfolio first then. Maybe in one hour or two I will just send my drawings over to the lecturer for her to check. I should be done with more stuff today. Then I'll get to rest early. 


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Silly Things/Pranks to do With/For/On You

Conversations often have their own way of turning from one topic to another. From one such turning of topic, I now have to write a so-called bucket list of things to do with Minion. I have nothing in my mind at the moment, but I know that once I get started there will be lots of weird stuff included in this list.

I made him promise not to laugh in advance. I'm not sure if this is going to be a good list. Just gonna write down whatever that passes through my mind.

*takes deep breath* So here goes.
  • Find something we both love doing, and just spend the whole day doing that together. Gaming, maybe?
  • Force you to finish reading one of my favourite novels =P
  • Steal something from you and don't tell you, wait for you to notice it yourself =P
  • If you ever fall asleep near me, be careful. I haz duct tape. Bid the forest at your legs goodbye. Either that or I launch my kidnapping plan.
  • Sneak out somewhere, just two of us. Just wanna hug you for as long as I can.
  • Shop for a gift for each other. We both don't like shopping that much, but this can do, aye?
  • We should go to a photobooth and have our ugly faces printed on stickers or something.
  • Wanna try get food poisoning by my cooking?
  • If we're going to meet in KL, come have a sleepover at my place won't you. Hugs to sleep yay <3
  • You said you're fat. I said I'm fat. What's stopping us from going to the gym to workout together?
  • We should take a cross-dressing photo. I have some outfits I'm sure you can fit in, you tiny hooman.
  • Let's go play at a theme park~!!!
  • I'll get myself a better phone, then maybe we can call or video-call or whatever.
  • I really wanna hear you play le piano. You haz le skills. You know I love piano.
  • When I get my license, let's go on a trip by car. Somewhere far. 
  • I forgot the couple ring didn't I.
  • Someday in le future when this is possible, let's marathon all le awesome horror movies from midnight onwards. Till le morning or something.
  • You said you're gonna leave your thrash in your room till I go clean it. (AM I YOUR MAID OR SOMETHING) Bring me there and I'll be happy to do it. But no boy stuff. Please don't let me see your porn stash if you have one. Hide it properly. 
  • Learn a new language together or something. A new something. Skills, language, anything really.
  • Let's see how long we can last. I'm a paranoid person. Pessimistic sometimes too.
  • Celebrate our birthdays when we get to.
  • Do you like Christmases? I do. Get a hint.
  • Maybe when I dare to I'll kiss you. I will. Don't bug me about it. I'm a shy person.
  • Go photo-bombing someone random.
  • Why not play pranks on your friends together or something??
  • Prepare yourself for April Fool's Day k.
  • When I've learnt how to, I'll make an animation about us k? This is a promise. It'll be a birthday or anniversary gift if you stay with me long enough.
  • If you want me to think faaaarrrr into le future, ... ... we agreed on silver or platinum ring did we not?
  • Attend a concert for a band we both like. ... Tiesto? xDD
  • Is it possible if I try my make-up skills on you because I'm really really curious
  • If we're ever going overseas, let's go in the autumn. ... or spring. Winter maybe, but it's too cold for me ><
  • Have you be honest to me about what you want. You never really tell me, =3= Secretive your head, you idiot.
  • One day I'm gonna drop a huge lie on you and see how mad you can get. You have been warned. It's going to be a huge prank some day in the future. Don't be too angry with me by then. =P
  • Let's not fight or argue, okay? I'll get scared if you ignore me or shout at me. I'll apologize first.
  • Adopt a pet together. Even the dog you already have at home will do.
  • You love cars. Bring me to a car fair and tell me about them. You know I don't mind learning.
  • Minion, Idiot, Laling, ... ... Shall le list of nicknames expand?
  • Find one day we go to le beach. Le sea is awesome. ... Okay, maybe not in Malaysia. Somewhere else.
  • You love watching TV. I might not like it much, but I can watch for le whole day if you find a good series that we can marathon le whole day or whole week.
  • Am going for dat booty. If you were a girl I'd go for your bewbs. But booty can do.
  • Boobs. Bewbs. We both like pretty girls. Let's go sightseeing sometimes. 8)
  • Have you suffer by watching you read one or two yaoi (gaaaayyyyyyy) comics of mine. 8)
  • Can I tie your hair?
  • Tell me about your childhood, won't you?
  • You really should make this list too, I wanna seeee.
I don't even know what I want, mai minion. What do couples do??? OAO"" You're supposed to be le one that tell me about this, not that other way round~!! OMO

Sunday, December 08, 2013

As Happy as a TURTLE

I can comfortably rest my arms on the pile of books while
sitting on the floor. Le pile of books is that tall desu.
Hi, people. This is Tatoru Yuki, feeling very very happy upon arriving back home with shoulders aching from carrying many books (Never TOO many when it comes to buying books. NEVER.) from the Big Bad Wolf sale.

Well, a happy turtle is satisfied. I smiled all the while I was arranging the books into my bookshelf. If there's one chore that can make a bookworm happy, it's to arrange the books nicely in the bookshelf so that it's pleasing to the eyes and you would be able to smile while admiring the neatly-arranged books. The feeling simply cannot be described by words alone.








Right-click and press 'open link in a new tab' for better resolution.

My budget was actually RM250, but I knew that I was going to spend more than that for sure, and have thus brought RM300 with me. In the end, what I bought totaled up to RM263 for 31 awesome books. I browsed through the huge book fair for a little more than 2.5 hours in the crowd, looked high and low in the general fictions section for my favourite authors and book titles that I wanted but too expensive to buy at any other normal bookstores and wandered to the language, travelling and even humour section to see if any books would catch my attention. 

I was not disappointed. Among my purchase I also bought an easy learning Japanese phrasebook (RM5) , a Time magazine on the human brain (RM8) , Ripley's Believe it or Not (RM15), a Vampire Arts Now artbook (Rm15) and a joke compilation book from Reader's Digest (RM8). 

All other books are fictions. Thriller, crime, horror, romance, tragedy, etc. Aside from a Jodi Picoult's book 'Lone Wolf' which cost RM10, all other fictions cost a mere RM8. 

That excitement. Wave after wave of bookgasms consumed me the whole 2.5 hours I was there. AaAaaaaAAhhhhhhh *means in the sexy husky voice of the books (Just imagine how books will sound like if they have a voice. No, I can't imagine that either.)* <3 

Biggest book sale I have ever went to. So many customers, so many staff working 24 hours!!
The bookmarks obtained from this BBW2013 sale!
I brought four recyclable bags with me. Those types that you get to buy at the supermarket when plastic bags are not available. I used three of them, and that's just for me to differentiate the prices so that the purchasing process would be faster when I pay at the cashier. One bag's for the two Rm10 and two Rm15 books plus one Rm5 book, and the other two bags are filled with Rm8 books. Two bags because one bag is too small to fit all the books in.

In the row I was lining up in, I happened to be the one with the most books. There's a small feeling of achievement when I noticed that because Yo I saved up for these babies. I worked for this. I earned these. Look at my trophies. 

Proof from the receipt obtained. Keeping
this along with other special tickets I own.
What I earned as a bonus is a chance to spin the wheel at the customer service corner for a possible gift or cash voucher for spending more than Rm100. For spending RM300 and above, you get a free small bag, if I am not mistaken. 

Oh, from that I got myself a sticker book, a glow-in-the-dark type. Filled with stickers and maps and scenes from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

And a 1-year free BookXcess Membership which I have to claim within 3 months but I don't think I'll be able to because it was late and my family and I had to go back home - Johor. 4 hours drive from KL. Not likely to visit anytime soon and I might not buy books there really. Rarely visit to KL anyway.

There's also a merchandise corner which is located beyond the cashiers' place. The badges, t-shirts and pop-up books etc are all very tempting as well, but sadly I have spent enough money for the day. 

Approx. 2/3 of the books I arranged in le bookshelf.
The others are in other compartments. 
So that's the trip to KL just for this BBW sales. Big Bad Wolf 2013 sale is totally awesome, I swear. There're some books that are totally by famous authors with prices that you will not get them for in any regular bookstores. I mean, even the artbook was marked USD29.99 at the inside of the book cover. Assuming ratio 4:1, the book could have costed like RM120 but I bought it for RM15. That awesomeness.

Plus the arts are pretty good, I can learn some techniques from it. 

Then today, I went shopping with my family and bought myself a nice ring for RM5 and a choker-thing for RM25, which is also very pretty. Yes, I spent quite a fortune these two days compared to how much I usually spend (NOTHING, because my dad pays =P) but this is worth it. It's not like I spend on a daily basis. Or weekly. At most I may buy myself a lollipop when I go shopping with my parents but that's it. So I excuse myself for this. 

RM 5.
On le left: le ring. Something like skeletal fingers.

Is pretty. But not sure if looks good on me.
At the bottom, le choker-thing that cost Rm25 but looks absolutely fabulous. Using my plush toy as a model because why not.

Well, I can't wait to just log off the laptop and start reading all the books already, but then there's my work to do you see, so I can't enjoy it.

Not yet.

But soon, yes I will.

To friends of mine who are all book-lovers and are currently in KL as well, please don't miss the chance to go to the Big Bad Wold book sale!! It's seriously a massive book sale and you will not regret going there.

Even my parents who are not really fans of books have found books that piqued their interests.

And warning. There's the traffic at the book fair as there's only like one exit from several parkings. All merged into 4 lanes maybe, but you'll be stuck there for some time. Good luck. And at the same time, have fun. 

Friday, December 06, 2013

Short Post because Why Not

So mai minion MAYBE ain't going to KL to study engineering next year as planned due to some problems. He's going to continue his studies in SYCJB in le business course provided there. Well, that's the plan so far. He still wants to study engineering, but his score missed the entry requirements by a few marks. 

It's either to retake a semester or to seek other options in other universities.

Well since I'm done with the researching job of mine I'm now researching the universities that offer mechanical engineering, with hopes that he can actually get into some other universities instead for the course that he wants. ><

It's upsetting not being able to study something that you want at the ideal university.

Ah, meanwhile, the piece of somewhat good news is that I am going to the BBW book sales tomorrow with two huge bags and maybe RM200 or RM250 to spend. 

I. Can't. Wait. 

And recently I've been sort of hooked up on music box melodies on Spotify. While I had started with listening to the top hits I am now queuing more than 100 music box melodies on my playlist.

I am also trying to get rid of my addiction to yet another Facebook game, which is called 'Pocket God'. You get to kill the pygmies in many ways, which is kind of fun really. Try it out sometimes. xDD

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Happiness in being Alone

Picture taken several minutes before I
had to leave on graduation's day.
Have not seen him since then. Yet.
If there's anything that can increase the chance of happiness in a long-lasting relationship, it's to learn to be happy alone. Well, that's what I saw from a 9gag post some time ago, and I totally agreed with it.

The post mentioned that it's best to enter a relationship only after you are able to be content with being alone.

Well, if you are not happy being alone, meaning that you need constant company at most times, I believe that you would be upset at your partner for not texting you back right away or stay with you 24/7.

For my first relationship, I expected it to be natural for the guy to stick with me all the time, and to notify me whenever he was going to get busy. And having that guy to be a first-timer in relationships as well, that was also what he expected of me, so we got along pretty fine on that matter. 

As for now, with le minion having his maybe 5th or 6th (IDK I have not asked and am not that curious anyway) relationship already and me at my second, I learnt that things are not as I expected. It's normal for the guy to be busy with his friends instead when he's not busy with his house chores or working. He will be less likely to text back when he's outdoors with his friends. And it's not necessary that the guy takes all the initiatives as I have also learnt in my previous relationship.

But I'm more of the shy type when going on a 'date', so to say, with le boyfriend that I don't get to meet often. If I'd been around him all the time I won't even hesitate to hug him in public, but when there's le distance between us and only getting to meet once in a length of time, I tend to get shy and taking initiative is simply out of the question.

That was one of the reasons that I got into some conflicts with my ex, because I did not dare to take initiatives with him. I get nervous and panicky and just become more of a log than a girlfriend.

To be honest I'm a little worried that the same thing will be happening with le Minion. ><

I'm alright with him not being with me all le time. I'm okay even if he texts back once every half an hour or more or just go out with his friends and stop texting back altogether. Everyone need their time with other humans, so it's just reasonable and I'm not upset about it.

I am used to being alone already before this afterall, and found happiness in being all by myself.

While he's gone I just do my own stuff, read, draw, play some games online, stuff like that. So yep, although I may miss him once in a while I'm doing great, mostly. 

It's not like I ain't happy to spend time with him though. Having someone to love and feel loved as well is pure joy really. It's nice to have him around and call me at random hours and I've gotten pretty comfy around him to the point where I'd share pictures of nice girls with awesome tits with him when I see one. 

So I'm actually pretty happy about this relationship and have some hopes on it. Future plans. Whatever. Girls do that all the time k, I ain't weird. We imagine le future faaarrr faaaarrr away, like how our grandchildren will behave and how our house is going to be like and so on. Actually, that's kind of exaggerating but you get the idea.

The key is to be happy when you're alone as well as when you're with your partner. With that done I don't think there'll be many other issues really. Trust and whatnot. Crossing my fingers and happy that he can accept this weirdo here as a gf. =P

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Results are Out

Total marks = Sem 1 + sem 2 divide 2 = 344

So all my hard work have come to this.

I took only 4 subjects unlike some of my other friends who took 5 to get some extra marks to their final scores. 

I improved for English and Maths, but my marks dropped for biology and chemistry, and that disappointed me a little because I thought I'd get better marks for Biology this time. I aimed for 90 but then... oh well. As for Chemistry, I had higher marks then I thought I was able to get because I really thought the maximum mark I was able to obtain was 70+. 

So, 8 HD's obtained. HD marks are marked at merely 80 marks. At least I still maintained my Straight A's record so far. From UPSR to PMR to SPM to this college thing. To be honest I feel quite accomplished. As someone who actually taught le classmates sometimes - especially for Maths, I had to prove that I was good enough to do so anyway.

The marks are mostly divided like 50% internals marks (group assignments, topic tests, lab reports, etc) and 50% external marks (The Terrifying Final Exams).

For maths, internals only consist of 30% and the externals 70%.

I went curious and started tabulating my external scores. 

Turns out I don't have the internal marks for Maths 1 in my notebook, sorry.
So yeah, what I said about my chemistry marks is kind of true in some ways. I got 70+ got Chemistry both times. Chemistry, killing me since SPM (The only A I got out of all the other A+'s). I wonder why I still stick to taking Chemistry when I know that it's going to ruin me.

Shoulda taken Physics, although I didn't like Physics either. But at least my Physics mark has always been better than my Chemistry marks. It's okay, lesson learnt. Plus I am now free from science. 

I am disappointed for my Biology marks though, like seriously. I was aiming for the Monash Excellence Award but I guess I didn't try hard enough. On the other hand I'm also wondering what mistakes I made for the Maths finals because I thought that it was really easy but cannot remember anymore the questions I was doubtful about.

95 marks though. Happy enough. =P

I am really happy with my English external marks this time though, although my English marks was still beaten by Shah, who got the other Academic Excellence Award back then. Ugh, I lost to you, Shah, although I beat you in English back in Semester 1. But CONGRATS ANYWAY BRO.

All mai efforts boiled down to just this, but at least I can expect a reward meal from my dad later. =P

Meanwhile, all the best, you other humans in MUFY Jan'13. Hope you guys got what you wanted as well. =)

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

In loving memories of: MAI FRINGE

I hope you're well wherever you are, O'Fringe.

Dear Fringe,

Remember the times we had together ever since my hair started to grow as a baybee?

Despite the annual or half-a-year cutting routine, you have never given up growing again, and again, and again, only to be cut above the eyebrows' level again in a few months' time. I thank you for your perseverance. 

Remember when I was about 12 or 13 when I started growing you? I started loving the 'emo' and 'goth' culture and wanted to have a similar hairstyle with them, and aimed to have that long one-sided fringe that the emo people have (trademark style).

Oh and you grew. You grew so long and fast I was happy and I'm sure that you were too, for being finally able to grow. 

But then there was that phase in my life when I decided to have a tomboy-ish appearance, and off you go once again. Almost all of your comrades and you were violently and abruptly silenced, simply cut off like that. I apologize for the violence you had to face.

However, I stayed true to you afterwards. By the time I was 16, I swore to keep my hair long for the next two years or so. And this time, you grew to the same length as your comrades, a little above the shoulder length.

By this time you acted not only as a fringe I can accessorize with colourful hairclips and rubberbands, you also acted as a 'curtain' or 'sunglasses' to protect my eyes from the glaring sunlight. And I was able to tie you up in many weird manners. 'The Anglerfish' and 'Dat-Thing-on-the-Teletubbies'-Head' were two of the styles that I used a lot at home, annoying my mum and my sister.

Because apparently I was not acting like a normal girl.

And with your new length, I was able to frighten myself sleepless with a reflection of myself with a center parting hairstyle.

I suppose you were not used to your new job, my dear fringe. For from then on you stopped growing much. Even as your comrades continued growing below the shoulder length, you stayed that length of yours. Did I fail to provide you with the nutrients you need? Oh, I'm so sorry if I did.
Then this year, a few months after celebrating our 2nd year anniversary, ...

I'm so sorry for cutting you off for my selfish reasons again, my dear fringe. I loved you, and I always will. I would welcome you back anytime but...

Would you give me one last chance to have you back with me? 

I'll give you space and time, and I know that you will need to think about this. But, just remember that I'll welcome you back, anytime, alright?

I love you, mai fringe.

Friday, November 29, 2013

College Graduation

Let's start the post with some aggresive chicken-dancing
and me screaming at you
The day started with my mum half-shouting from the hall "GET UP YOU'RE GONNA BE LATE"

and I scrambled from the bed and took my phone to check the time and hola, it's 9am. And I need to reach the college by 1pm, so I pretty much got around 3 hours to myself even after showers and meals etc. People,  I introduce you the different clock systems in my family. Namely my mum's and mine.

What I wore was something that I would not wear on normal days. It's kinda like a dress-thing. Plus mum bugged me to use le lipstick since this is a special occasion and she wanted me to look mai best.

Managed to reach le college by 12.00++pm and registered at the foyer. Sent mai sister to the library so she can use the computers in peace, and I soon went to one of le classrooms (room 309 desu~!!) to wait for the briefing and meanwhile, try to finish the novel that I brought along with me (Failed).

Was lining up desu
Well. Friends. Classmates. The ones that tease you and makes you so embarrassed you want to dig a hole in the ground and hide. They apparently knew that I was going to be in the classroom already because they then let minion into le classroom and say stuff like "LOL FEW MONTHS CANNOT MEET D LEII GIVE YOU CHANCE TOGETHER-GETHER GO NAO". not word by word but that's just about what they meant. They then blocked the door so le minion couldn't get out. Not knowing what to do I just. well. Continue reading and ignore le minion who I think was trying to tell the others to not be stupid and just open the door.

Which they finally did after he sat behind me.

Not before commenting "Wrong row" though. Cause apparently as a bf and gf couple thing we're supposed to be together all the time and so he should be sitting next to me. But this is college it's different xDD

Within the next half an hour or so the class became more packed with students and photo-takings. so many photos. and so much noise, everyone talking to one another and so forth. I don't know what the guys talked about but it's mainly about the graduation speech and montage and some other blabbers I did not really catch. Meanwhile at the girls' side it's more like

From left: Cindy, me, Ryana, Jia Ying
*sees that close friend you have or have not met for some time*
*repeat sequence for the next few close friends*
*proceeds to take pictures and just chat*

Then there's the montage video which would not be played during the course representative speech so we watched it in the classroom. This time the video is divided into two parts, le Semester 1 part and le Semester 2 part. Those photos are all pretty much familiar but to see it put into a video is quite another thing. Those are memories, yo. Memories that would be kept for the years to come. Watching the video made me regret I didn't mix around with my coursemates that much back then though. It would have been nice to know them for a longer term. 

Instead, I only got to know them more by the second semester and for some, even like the last few weeks of the second semester. Which kind of sucks because I wouldn't really get to see them anymore, not much anyway. So yeah it sucks. But GLAD TO HAVE KNOWN YOU GUYS ANYWAY YO I'LL REMEMBER YOU GUYS (for as long as my short memory span allows me to).

And FINALLY we entered the hall and got seated and listened to speeches from the principal, the A-levels' representatives (NW IS SO CUUUTEEEEE), and then see le A-levels seniors go up le stage to get their certificates.

THEN THERE'S THE SPEECH FOR MUFY YAY delivered by Shah and Aishu (as I call them). They talked of our lecturers and how we helped each other during the whole course and just how glad they were to have been in MUFY at all although they were initially unsure about their decision. Aside from knowledge, they have also obtained friendships and valuable memories and what's more, there're some skills that you simply cannot obtain without going through college after all. to Shah who thanked me for teaching him Maths, you're welcome. And hopefully your Maths results would make both of us proud.

The speech was ended with a phrase about us MUFY-ians being united and thus, "One for all..."

*SHOUTS FROM LE MUFY GANG SITTING BEFORE LE STAGE* "ALL FOR ONE!!!" We are one big family, all of us MUFY-ians (so is it incest between le minion and I?).

Then it's to accepting the certificates. Which are all fake and
has to be exchanged for real ones outside the hall upon taking the photos. My mum and brother kept telling me stuff like "stand straight k, push your glasses upwards" and so on while I was waiting in line. Everyone was clapping for everyone and well, that feeling of accepting the certificate was actually kind of confusing because although the certificate says you have completed your studies there you haven't actually obtained your results for Semester 2 nor the overall results and the photos taken are only to be received 2 whole months later so you're like half-graduating to be exact.

While some of the students received the awards, some names were called out. As in, while a girl walks up to get her certificate some guys would call after her a guy's name. Presumably the guy who likes her or the guy that she likes. And most of the name-calling originated from the MUFY bunch. After the AUSMAT students accepted their certificates as well, it's on to the special awards stuff. Two awards: one for academic and one for overall achievement which includes the clubs and societies etc. Apparently my dad was notified about me getting the award by my English lecturer Ms Emmy, so he just stood by waiting while I looked at him astounded at why he was standing there for no apparent reason.

Outstanding academics award yo
Some words I caught while they were describing me though (short-term memory forgot most of the descriptions already) "May seem quiet" "avid reader" "likes to draw" "Aims to study arts and design in the future". That got mai heartbeat rate going up cause I was like "Woah I wonder who's gonna get this award. Avid reader though. Why are my classmates looking at me and chanting 'Turtle' over and over. wait. Drawing. Is that really for me. Did I - woah. WOAH. MUM DAD DID YOU SEE THAT I GOT THE AWARD WOAH WOAH WOAAAAHHH"

And of course when I went to take the certificate I could hear minion's name being called out as well. Either way I ain't even mad bruh cause my mission to get something back for my parents is completed. That's what they want - academic excellence - and in return I get to study the course of my choice after this. Arts and Design.

So what if you think my so-called knowledge and skills are wasted. As I've said before and will say again now, if I can score well in subjects I'm not interested in, imagine how well I can perform in a subject that I am passionate about. Given the chance to learn I might be able to be really good in what I'll be doing. 

No regrets studying Biology, however. Biology is probably the only Science subject that I actually have interests in.

Shah got the award too (Which I totally expected because he got an award back in Semester 1 as well)  and upon collecting this new certificate we had to take a photo with out family members and then just by ourselves. For promotional purposes, I reckon.

really small photo of le MUFY group
With all the certificate business done we went back to the foyer to take more photos. It's group photo this time, and while the AUSMAT students literally had to squeeze their way through the photoshoot - there were many people in that batch I wonder why - we mufians occupied only two rows. One for the guys, one for the girls. and the photo was done with. 

To be collected 2 months later.

Got a photo with mah favourite lecturer OMG yiss xD
More photos with the lecturers and friends while some of them ate at the courtyard as well (Saw le minion's mum and this time she looks much friendlier) (On a side note le minion also greeted moi mom who still commented stuff like "Boyfriends need to be manly and trusty. Whai your boyfriend like so childish immature like that one? He didn't even clap for you when you go up the stage take you certs I was observing kay am your mum afterall" Yep, that's mai mum).

Something astounding though. My English lecturer was suddenly like, "There seems to be some interesting details that you have omitted from telling me" while looking at le minion and I. So le lecturer knew. Through Facebook. Through Shah's Facebook, to be precise. And well, after I went back home le minion told me that quite a number of lecturers asked him about us being a couple.

News do spread fast I suppose, especially through the social media.

christmas pucca
NOT  a christmas present.
AND AND AND before I went back Aishu gave me this teddy bear thing which is really cute and Ryana gave me chocolates that she bought from Taiwan am touched k thanks you know i love you guys. And although it was embarrassing I managed to give minion le gift. that I bought in Genting Highland. mentioned in previous posts. 

I still think it's too girlish but it's cute and he said he likes it anyway so what the heck off you go Pucca kid you found yourself a new home go chase your dreams. And you're really cute k given any opportunities I'd hug you again because you're so fluffy that I'm gonna die.

Well, I should probably leave the rantings for another post. That's all for the graduation ceremony! Will update this post as soon as possible with photos, so check back the next day or something. 

MUFY, you're one awesome course with all its awesome students and lecturers. Imma miss all this.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Reminders to Myself

There may be times in life when you want to give up,
hide into your shell and never come out
but look around you and you will find
experiences that ensure
you shall be fine.

There may be times when you believe
Friends, family and love
shan't be relished
Look at the pictures and memories captured
and remember
They're what that really mattered.

There may be times when you care no more
thinking that everything is just a bore
then look again
this time at your dreams
a reminder that things aren't as hard as they seem.

There may be times when you well up and cry
bracing yourself to just die
Stop looking around
reach out this time
to those who you found
worthy of your "Je' t'aime".

This time let there be no rhyme
just remember how health can decline
take care of yourself,
sleep and dine
But most of all, keep in mind
stay sane and you'll be just fine.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

BL games and Stalkers

There. A nice gif. file to start the day. and the blog post.

While I'm ranting here my mum's ranting about how we are all going to shut the laptop down at 6pm and it's already 2pm. I have 4 remaining hours of internet time.

It's sad to have internet restriction hours at home, you know. But then yeah, at home I think all le family members are kinda stuck to the internet. Other than procrastinating the researching job, I wake up around 11am and see my sister already sitting in front of the computer gaming. God knows what time she woke up and immediately started gaming. I can do without my games really. In fact I have not been gaming for quite a while. I'm leaning more to just sticking on Facebook and my blog really. And today, 9gag and Youtube as well.

I still am learning to use this Photoshop program, and at this moment my Hadaka Shitsuji game is still being torrented. Hadaka Shitsuji, because I really want to try play my first BL game. In case you're wondering, it's translated into 'Naked Butler'. And from the comments from my friends who have played it, it seems like a hilarious choice to start with. I mean.


Uh, there's some normal guys inside this game too. I am wondering about the role of this old man at the left here but I am more curious about how the other guys are going to play their roles in this butler game. Butlers. Suits. THEY DO THINGS. THINGS. 

Things. *Perverted smile*

Well I'll spare you the details of exactly what things. I will, however, enjoy this game and try to get all the routes. and be careful so that my mum or dad would not see me playing this. Because they will probably wonder how my brain works and browse through my laptop for my porn stash.

Which I don't have. Unless you count the pictures I downloaded from my stalker activities on Facebook. People I stalk and their pictures are kind of my porn stash really, because when I have nothing else to do I would just stare at their pictures and try to figure out how their life is like, how they smile, who they hang out with and all that.

It's fun, babe.

Ah but with the internet restriction hours it means that I got to rush through my research project as well >< Why oh why does this happen to me I want to go back to the college hostel and reclaim my freedom. I do not like being restricted. Like that gif. at the beginning of this post, 


I can't wait to study my designing course ;w; <3

Monday, November 25, 2013

Family Holiday Trip

4 days 3 nights - Le trip to KL and to Melaka with my family.

Went to KL to visit The One Academy and PJCAD under INTI college and we then went to Genting Highland to enjoy the cool weather and all before visiting Melaka to go to the A'Famosa Water Park and visit all the familiar places of our hometown.

Ah, TOA is like right next to the Sunway Lagoon place, where things are overpriced and ice-skating rinks are placed. It bothered my parents that the colleges here does not have hostels within the campus area like Sunway College in JB does. 

You see, TOA is basically located at the upstairs of a row of shoplots. But the syllabus seems to provide what I need to learn to bring out the potential I might have in me. PJCAD meanwhile is quite a huge building itself, and the facilities are just as good as in TOA. The course is shorter - 2.5 years, and does not include marketing which is kind of essential for designing courses.

It doesn't quite matter to me how the college looks like really, safety and studies are more of my priorities. If I have to stay in an apartment so be it, I'll still survive anyway.

A blurry shot from mai phone: PSY - Gentleman
Going to Genting, the outdoors theme park has been closed down for renovation and will be reopened in 2016, so I heard. Bought a gift for le minion while I was there, and I'm going to give it to him this Friday when I see him :3 What we did was mostly just walking around to see the performances and new stuff in the building. Ah yes the performance. That whole week in Genting, le performance was Korea-themed. 

So when we arrived at the place, 4 dudes and 4 babes were performing Korean dance choreography. And I shit you not they have awesome bootyz.

And when they all put their suit on to dance to this Gentleman song I just HHHNNNNGGGGG because I find people in suits irresistible. Come propose to me in formal attire and I would agree because that's how much I love formal attires. Necktie, blazer, stuff like that. 

Selfie-ing likaboss in Genting Highland LOL
Either way it's the very first time in my life that my family and I went to Genting Highland without playing in its theme park. We just went there for the photos, and for my mum, the casino. 

She said that she was on a winning streak until dad decided to pop by as well. In the end she lost about RM150, I think. I probably will never see the point of gambling or throwing your money into machines in hopes of getting that chance of getting the jackpot which is like, what, 1:987654321? 

I saw these canimals plush toys on sale there, and I really really wanted to get the minion one of that puppy thing at the front row, first from the right. But it cost RM50 and I did not have enough money AND the puppy one was out of stock already. I spent RM18 on a cup of Starbucks for the heck of it. So having that plush toy option unavailable, I then found something else that I can actually afford and looks very awesome and cute as well, so I bought that instead. Still crossing my fingers that the gift is not too girlish.

Derp photo of me with no specs
So that marks the end of our stay in KL. We then went to Melaka, where YAY WATER PARK

OMG there's this new thing called the big ice cream or something where you slide down in a four-seater thing, and it goes real fast because of the weight and then suddenly whoosh 90 degrees downwards and out of the blue it's like you're sitting on a pirate's ship thing, swaying from the left to the right (also about 90 degrees) and then the panic's over and you're on a normal slide once more. Look it up. And if you ever get to go to Melaka, go to this place called the A'Famosa Water Park and go have fun, people. 

Ah, we went around Melaka afterwards, window-shopping and all, before we head back home around 6pm.

There's little changes to things at home, except for the increase in amount of le lizards' sheet.

And it's back to work once more, researching stuff. But it's okay cause I'll receive my pay for this.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Who I Used to Be

A Facebook friend of mine posted this question, asking us who we used to be in the past. I did not answer in the comment section there, as I was suddenly wondering that myself.

Ever wondered how you've changed and
who you will be in the future?

Who was I in the past, and how am I any different now from the person I used to be? Or, really, did I change at all? A trait that I'm sure stuck with me though, is that I have always loved reading and drawing and probably always will. 

Back when I was still in primary school I dreamt of becoming a doctor, a teacher, and then a comic artist. I started to draw my own comics (usually only 20 to 40 pages) on unused papers around the age of 11 right till when I was 13 or so when I can no longer finish a comic that I started. Most of the comics I made are now sort of childish to me, but hey, back then when I drew them they were hot items among my friends who loved reading the stories I made up.

I then moved on to story-writing instead, putting the stories into words instead of pictures. For one that loves reading, I was motivated to write as good as the authors can, and am still trying to improve myself in English proficiency through blogging and all.

There was a phase where most of the other kids that age might have experienced.

Ever heard of the 'emo phase'? I entered that phase when I was about 12 or 13. Started cutting myself, liking the pain and the taste of blood that would linger in my mouth for some time after licking those wounds. Admitting it now, I may have just done so to get attention from my peers. But there was a small part of me that really felt relief upon cutting myself, to get rid of whatever inner turmoils I faced at that age. Once you start cutting yourself it becomes something like an obsession, a habit that you find hard to stop. I cut myself with a pair of scissors, along the lengths of my arm. But only small scratches, really. 5 or 6 lines at one time maybe, and sometimes there will be blood, sometimes none. Thankfully what I did to myself was totally a minor case compared to what the others are doing to themselves.

Anger management much?
Even now I still hurt myself sometimes, but not using sharp items anymore. When agitated or upset I might scratch myself really hard with my nails - sometimes till it becomes an injury which needs a week or so to completely heal - or pull at my hair or just punch the wall. But I'll only resort to doing these when I have no one to rant to or when I am unable to scream into a pillow. 

Other than being that 'odd emo girl in class', another word, 'solitary' or more bluntly, 'anti-social' or 'shy' or just 'quiet' might fit into my past descriptions of myself.

Look into the classroom and I'd usually be that person sitting next to the window looking outside or reading or drawing at my table, not talking much to anyone else unless someone talks to me first. However I actually found my own group of friends afterwards who shared a common interest: Manga and anime. That's how I got to know my first bunch of best friends back in Melaka. While the other girls were talking about the latest leggings or catalog selling awesome necklaces and shoes, we'd sit at a table talking about our non-existent anime boyfriends and singing Japanese songs that I doubt any of us knew the meaning of. But those were the days, and to this day I actually still remember the lyrics to some of the songs, only that this time, I know the meanings of some parts of the lyrics. =P

I may have become slightly more sociable now, having known an awesome group of people at college. Slightly, I say, because I may be very sociable one day and talk to everyone I know and then the very next day when I head to college again I would be all quiet and sitting by myself once more until I eel sociable enough to start talking to other humans.

Minion's still trying to make me less of an introvert though, or so he says. Oh, if he starts study early, in February next year, we wouldn't be able to meet till August when I finally get to start studying again. that means like 6 months not seeing each other. He hasn't had a distance-ish relationship before, so I am a little worried for him. .___. It's not nice not being able to meet someone that you love for that long, you know. We made a deal to get ourselves a set of rings before we part ways for the next few months should the worst really happen after all. I cross my fingers. 

Internet, you understand me.
That aside though, I can only conclude that I have not changed much really. But my attachment to the internet and Facebook sure grew quite some!

Uh, at least I'm not an alcoholic, taking drugs, smoking, frequent customer of a night club (never been to a pub or a club before), nor keep changing my phones (Been using same phone for the 3rd year now and it's still good) and ask to buy those really awesome stuff that I really want aye?  Attachment to the internet is still better than attachment to cigarettes and drugs afterall :3 Ehehe excuses excuses. Ahem.

Back to work.