Friday, October 18, 2013

To Teach and to Learn

If I were to suggest you an effective way of learning, it would be by teaching. If you do not understand something, you would find it hard to explain something to your friend. If you cannot explain, you do not understand.  

So when you teach, you improve your understanding and strengthen your principles while you are teaching. Your friends learn and you learn, it’s kind of a win-win situation really.

That’s what I found out during my two-month job as a tuition center teacher and when I was teaching my friends how to solve Maths questions on probability distribution, binomial distribution, normal distribution and binomial to normal approximation.

I was initially just as blur as my friends were about this chapter as the X and Z and Inverse Normal values are just that confusing to me. Having my friends to ask me how to solve a question, however, I learnt the ways to solve such problems and eventually, after about four days of teaching and learning this same topic, I was kind of confident about the topic test that I took today.

Too confident, in fact, to the point where I forgot to check for the probability values present that are more than 1. How and why did I forget to check my probability values’ logical answers.

There goes the 100% I hoped that I could get.

BUT YUKI. It's fahking ohkeii to make these mistakes because this is not the finals yet. Yuki, mai dear Yuki. promise me that you would get at least 88% for your Maths finals. And other subjects. Get that stupid Top Scorer status and make yourself proud of your efforts.

Then after the finals which is starting on the 28th of October and ending on the 6th of November you are free to play all the offline and online games and draw and read your novels and freaking become a lazy and fat blob of couch potato procrastinating all the day because you FREAKING CAN.

But finals first. Finals are your current priorities, Yuki. Keep that in mind for now, okay?

(I know, the temptation to procrastinate doing my Chemistry notes now is so powerful that I am literally ignoring the notes and instead resorted to blogging instead when I said I am on a hiatus).

It won't hurt though, I guess.

At least I stopped playing Tetris battle.

For now.
Ah well, either way, it's a Friday today and I shall do a small amount of procrastination because Fridays are just reserved for at least one hour of that.

It's not a proper Friday without a good nap and two hours of procrastination.

It IS possible that I might regret later somehow, but for now I do not care. (YOLO).

and i forgot to mention, in am really so very blessed to have Shah in my life. thanks for making my life a brighter place. no words can describe the gratitude that i have for you. you truly are a blessing indeed!! i love you!!

^ Quote above typed by a coursemate who happens to see me blogging. readers, you can ignore that.

Oh well, there's a briefing session for the finals at 4pm, I should just get ready for now.

Pen off for now, see you.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Oh Mai Studies Whai

It's just one of those days when I find myself contemplating the meaning of life. Why do we live, what are we supposed to achieve and  just, what next? 

If there's no mess when you're studying, you're probably
doing it wrong. Then again, maybe it's just me.
I am the mess itself. OwO 
Given a choice, I'd have fun all the time with my friends and leave things I do not want to do aside. Like, just put aside my worries about how I am going to cope with the future and what my life would be like after all these so-called 'academic achievements'. I am not even smart enough to get into the universities my parents hoped I can get into. To get 90+ marks per subject for Pre-U is possible, I know. But when it comes to science subjects my heart just sort of gave up on me. 

The determination and efforts just sort of... evaporated.

I loved biology, still do. It's nice to be able to understand how allergic reaction occurs, how fever is actually helpful under monitoring, whether I should use warm or cold water to cure a swelling or blood clot and other similar stuff.

Chemistry? It's actually kind of mind-blowing to know that we are all kind of empty when we are broken down to atomic molecules. So much space in an atom with the electrons not closely packed within the atom, how there is carbon inside us and the fact that we are actually slowly burning up and thus the use of antioxidants to stop the aging... just, woah.

As for Maths, the 'x', 'y' and 'z' no longer bothers me, and it's really satisfying when you get to solve a tough question after breaking down the components of the question. Get the numbers in order and you just sort of know the formula to use. Except for probability. It's not about the formula when probability is involved.

English. Aww yiss English. One of my favourite subjects as well. I got 84% for my trials. The highest score was 90%, and my marks was the second highest in my class. Happy enough. I love reading and I read English materials. For our second semester, literature is involved. No surprise that I am trying to read all the short stories that I can get on my hands. But then, I have to put this aside to do more revision for Maths and Chemistry.

Meanwhile, KT and NW and their whole class had their last class today, which meant that their finals are probably just around the corner. Woah. 

I'll probably never see them again after my finals are done with! OAO""

So now I just found yet another two people to be sentimental about. Gosh Imma miss them really. Although I don't know them that much, it's still.. well... yeah.

Imma stock up on tissue papers for my graduation day. Imma need all that. Cause Imma cry. QAQ


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Weekly happenings

My reaction when people praised mai haircut. Sort of. At first I was in denial of my new haircut because oh, there goes all the handsomeness I got. Back when I had longer hair, I was able to tie it up in weird ways and do tat gif. thing. But now it's sort of different what with the shorter hair and all. 

The picture sort of captions itself, "Damnit, I'm fabulous".

Well, just YESTERDAY (9th October 2013), my coursemates and I threw a birthday party for this dude in our class who I shall call... The Minion.

Just look at the participants of this birthday party OMO Picture taken AFTER event.
The Minion. Because he sounds like a minion and he acts like one. He knew that there would be something in for him after the classes, but he had no idea what it would be.

Brief summary of the birthday party: a chocolate cake, waterguns, 70 water balloons, and 2 buckets were involved.

Need I say more?

The Minion first got all of us singing a birthday song to him before he blew the candles and we (of course) pushed his face into the cake after taking off his spectacles and the candles. With this, the chasing and creaming and water splashing begins. He was brought to the field where the water balloons would not make things messy. Even then the cake-throwing was still going on really. I believe I had cake on my face around this time. So did many other people.

because, water balloon.
2 balloons per humans to throw at him. Both my balloons either missed or hit him and bounced off without 'exploding'.

When the balloons started to run out, the bucket in which we filled with water and the then-gone water balloons was splashed towards him as well, so he was soaking wet. 

Then, people started chasing each other with water balloons with buckets. Having him and I pretty much as close buds, I was one of the first female victims to be splashed with water from a bucket. No. not a small water balloon, but a bucket filled with water.

From left to right: me, our 'class monitor', and
The Minion aka the Birthday Dude.
Some of those unluckier ones got caught while they were running away realizing that they were in a potential threat and got splashed from head to toe. I don't know about others, but I didn't really mind being wet and dirty (please don't think of this in an 18+ way like my brain does) on occasions like this. 

To be honest, I love water and just having fun like how guys might have fun themselves. If this involves stomping around in mud, so be it. I don't mind getting dirty. That, I reckon, is what FUN is. 

Needless to say, The Minion himself enjoyed the surprise party as well. He brought spare clothes just in case, and well, let's just say the extra clothes sure came into use alright. He had to clean himself in the campus washroom afterwards.

How was he to drive home without ruining his car otherwise?

Gifts? Sure, sure, there were gifts too, mine being one of them. But hey, I'd say that the celebration itself is worth much more than the gifts.
The gifts were this froggy thing, a robot model
look. that's mai hand-made card. 8D

It's MEMORIES we are talking about.

One of the most epic days in Sunway College Johor Bahru with my buddies that I actually love so much.

What he said was, he thought it to be the best surprise ever too.

It's no surprise really. A minion would have fun with pranks and all, would he not? I'M SURE HE WOULD REMEMBER US ALL EVEN AFTER WE GO OUR OWN WAYS AFTER THIS FOUNDATION YEAR. 


*SNIFFS* about 11 months of knowing all my awesome mates. How can 11 months create all these friendships and bonds that cannot be exchanged for mere materials and money? 

My dear coursemates, if you happen to read this, before or after we graduate,

I will remember you just as I remember any of my other best buddies.


Saturday, October 05, 2013


10th August 2013
So. Tatoru Yuki, le blog owner who does wacky hairstyles, had her mum cut her hair for her the past two days. Umm, not two whole days, but on two consecutive days. Before this, my hair was about umm... somewhere at my back. Not as short as shoulder length, but shorter than le waist length. About so. 

The picture attached with moi pigtails was taken on the 10th of August this year. oh. I already am missing my longer hair back then. Oh. Just two days and I have lost my long hair and even my fringe. My feels. 

But it's alright 'cause hair can always grow longer in about... say, a few months.

Yesterday night, my mum asked if I wanted to cut my hair a little shorter, because she said I did not look nice with my hair too long. "Long hair is nice on you," she said, "But not when your hair is too long. Your hair now is a little too long and this does not suit you". I, on the other hand, was feeling sentimental about my short hair after I browsed through my old photos where I had really short hair.
Somewhen in late 2011. Tell me
that I am handsome, ladies.
cut mai hair, 4th October 2013. Fringe still long
So anyway, I agreed. I initially asked to get my short boy-ish haircut back. And when I say short, it's really short. shorter than the picture displayed on the left here. Well, let's just say that my mother and sister were against it. They said that the haircut by now would make my dace look big and thus not nice.

So I ended up with shorter hair (OH THE WEIGHTLESSNESS) and immediately I felt less weight on my head. I may have thin hair and all, but that does not change the fact that my hair is now shorter and the amount of hair cut is quite significant judging on the amount of hair I actually had.

Then today, my sister suggester that I cut my fringe as well. Make it a bang, you know. I had a dilemma about this. I mean, it's the fringe that took the longest to grow somehow, and I was happy when I finally had my fringe long enough to have this 'emo girl' look.

Here's me trying to look at least SLIGHTLY guy-ish.
Umm, yeah. that was my initial reason and excuse to grow my fringe. I soon learnt that fringes were not grown to be of that use. Still, it hurts to have to cut the fringe I took so long to grow.

But I did anyway. And doing so took about 5 years off my age.

This haircut is not designed for the cool-people-wanna-be's. I can't even look like a guy anymore with this haircut. Oh God Why.

However, I did get many compliments saying I look cuter with my current haircut. To those still unfamiliar with me, keep in mind that I am a girl who likes to act and look like a guy. So being 'cute', if this compliment is sincere, is not exactly the compliment I was looking for.

Kawaii desu ka~? *pukes* I CAN'T.
Guyish or not, I shall have to live with this haircut until my hair grows again in a few months.

Hopefully by then I would be able to attain a cool-girl look or even better, A HANDSOME GIRL.

That's one of my little dreams.

One day I shall get myself a short-hair wig and wear a guy's suit, complete tuxedo and bow tie and all, and pretend that I'm a guy for a day.

Maybe even pretend that my best girl friend is my GIRLFRIEND and yeah, snap photos to keep as memories. That, would be fun.

On a side note, I am sorry to say that I will not be posting often until my finals are over. The finals are to be held from the 28th of October right till the 6th of November, which also means that I would not be able to have a fun birthday celebration without worrying if I have studied enough for my papers.

See you soon, my dearest readers. <3

Tatoru Yuki shall attempt to be more girlish while she keeps this haircut.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Studying abroad?

First things first. I saw KT in a lab coat today. I know I said that I would stop fangirling over him, but one does not simply ignore the guy you once liked wearing a lab coat. Lab coats are just so awesome. Maybe even sexy, depending on your taste. But oh. Oh. The sight of him. Just. Oh. *internal screaming*

I'm not sure. I might have been staring at him too long and he might have noticed me staring at him. Either way, I hope I'm done fangirling for real because NW really would not like to have me still thinking of him and all.

So instead, I went to this education fair thing, which is mostly based in Australia. The universities that were there for us to make inquiries are mostly from Australia, and sadly, does not offer scholarships. Even if they do, not much. For me to get into the Monash University Sunway Campus in Kuala Lumpur, I would need a score of 365 and above out of 400. This score is obtained by adding the scores you get from both semesters and dividing it by 2. My semester 1 score is about 336. To get 365, I would need to obtain about 394 marks this semester. Which means that I need to get an average of 99 marks per subject. (I take only 4 subjects, while some of my friends took an extra subject to obtain a few more marks for their total score)
... Fuck my life.

I have decided (subject to change) to take this design course. Multimedia design, most probably. Or some design where I get to make games and advertisements. I just want to draw and design and create characters, stuff like that. 

However, I have yet to take a single art subject in my whole life, aside from those compulsory art classes I took back in primary school and up to Form 3. In form 4, I chose the science stream. So, I do not know what it takes to be a designer or a creative person. I might not even have this creativity thing. I do not have the creativity needed to have this job.

As a step to at least get a step more advanced compared to the other citizens of this country when I get back here to work, I would need to study somewhere more advanced, and 'absorb' their creativity and technology. These points lead to one targeted country: Japan - the country of Technology.

My mum does not want me to go that far from the family though, and she said Japan has this radioactive thing, so it's sort of dangerous. Japan, though. Japan. Wow. How I love this place.

So you see, for now I have no known place that I might be going to after this course. 

To stay in Malaysia, or to go to Singapore, or to Japan (If i can persuade my mum?)


Tuesday, October 01, 2013

These Friends tho

So. This is a post dedicated to the three girls who I have grown fond of in this Sunway College Hostel who also happens to study in the same course as I do. Our subject combination is sort of different, however.

Take Ryana for instance, we only get to meet during English lessons. Same goes for Filiah. as for Jia Ying, I get to meet her during Maths classes as well, but that's it. It's break time and night time after our studies that we would gather at the lobby to play Tetris Battle, study, eat and so on.

Today, we went to the night market together with some other friends and ended up at the hostel lobby about two hours later in front of our own laptops, trying not to get ranked down in Tetris Battle. The good thing about having all four of us playing this game though, it's like,

"aww thanks I RECEIVED EET"

Bad side to this? The energy supply is endless and we end up playing more than we should. How does a series of 2-minute games end up being played for more than 2 hours? I do wonder...

From left: Ryana, Jia Ying and Filiah

To Ryana:
you. You squirrel you. Or hamster. whatever, with a furry tail. Maybe it's because of your hair or something, but yeah. You are the 'momma' of our little group, and you're friggin fun to be with because of your reactions and facial expressions when you talk or think about that cute little crush of yours. Have I ever told you that I like the way you think because aww someone understands mai 18+ jokes and you can actually make something 18+ out of a normal conversation and that's sorta fun really.

When I first got to know you, my first impression of you was like, "Ugh not another Singaporean. Did she say her name was Rihanna? Like, that Umbrella song singer? Aww look at her size she's so cute and and and is she Malay?"

I think the first time I actually talked to you was when I found out that we had the same topic for our English report. You're much more awesome than I was for that presentation, and you still are awesome now and I know imma miss you and your Tumblr reaction gifs. a lot. Oh, and you have this prominent crying face when you get excited talking about something. 

Po tay toes.

To Jia Ying:
You remind me of my younger sister sometimes. Maybe it's because of the way you act or something, but there's just something that I can't quite place that is pretty similar to that sister of mine. One of the most prominent memory I shall have of you would be your messy hair. You're the random one in the group, that would suddenly blurt phrases that are just... incoherent perhaps. But then, you are nice to talk to and dayum, you da sporty one as well.

I don't think I noticed you much back in the first semester, with exception that you were the first girl in our course and intake to get into a relationship. Uh, yeah. I think that was one of my first impressions about you, aside from the fact that you are a messy person. Messy in an acceptable way, actually.

It's probably thanks to you that I get to know Ryana, Filiah and you really. Was it you that tried to talk to me the time we were sitting at the hostel lobby? That's when I began to talk to you guys more, am I right? One thing though, you seriously need to take care of yourself. 

Sleeping on the floor is comfortable but it's also bad for your bones, just so you know.

Last but not least, 
To Filiah:
Finally one girl from this group who's older than me. Ryana and Jia Ying are one year younger, although it never felt like it. You're the most sensible one in our group, or at least, the calmest when the other three of us are in 'CALM YOUR TITS YO' mode. What I know about you is that you like to sing and you love Miley Cyrus. And I know that you sleep early, which is good. I wish I can be like you sometimes.

You are a nice friend to have, and I did not expect that from you because you somehow seem so different from me. But then, you like writing and well, this one point is good enough for me to want to keep in touch with you. YOU ARE AWESOME, keep that up.

A small bit of jealousy here because of your high rank in Tetris Battle, however. How did you manage that. Just how. You have lotsa skills that I don't have, Tetris Battle aside. You have this communication skill that I don't quite have, and I look up to you for that as well.

What does the fox say, I wonder?

This friend thing. Friends.

I did not expect to make friends within this short course for my Pre-university studies, but I did and I would not regret although I know I would be really sad - watch out, I can cry a lot on graduation day, as I have done in primary school and the 3 secondary schools I went to - when I finally complete this exhausting program.

Imma miss you guys, and I would remember you guys even if we don't contact much anymore in the future. In return, I hope that you would remember that a turtle once entered the lives of you guys back in the time when you were all studying in Sunway College Johor Bahru.

Less than three, <3